Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life's Building Blocks news

I did a review a few weeks ago on a super company called Life's Building Blocks (click here) that helps parents and educators teach character development in children. I think it is such a great company and such a valuable resource to us as parents. This is from the site:
"Life's Building Blocks, Inc., is a privately held company that designs, creates, markets and sells an extensive line of unique products and programs dedicated to helping parents develop morals and character in children in a fun and interactive environment. The smartly packaged products include books, board games, toys and DVD's that are distributed through proven direct marketing techniques that build upon historical data while taking advantage of the current trends in the market place. Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Vikash Sanyal, and his wife Juli, started the company in the summer of 2003 after he spent over 15 years in the golf industry during which he had a major role in launching and managing two successful putter companies. At Life's Building Blocks, Inc., he has assembled an impressive team of experts in the fields of moral and character development as well as individuals who helped create some of the most successful toys and books in the history of the toy industry."
Life's Building Blocks sends out a free newsletter packed with information and advice for parents raising children today. I think this newsletter is another great resource that we can get helpful advice from. You and I can sign up to receive this free e-newsletter just by going to Life's Building Blocks and entering your email to sign up.

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