Friday, February 6, 2009

Birth Pictures of Cole Matthew

Here are some pictures of our labor and birth of baby #4: Cole Matthew. You can read all about my labor, his birth, and my recovery (just click here). I can't believe my baby is over 3 weeks old already! He is a great baby! He was smiling even in the hospital. God really has blessed us with Cole. He is a miracle, and I am so thankful that God gave me this special little boy to raise.

We really don't have many labor pictures. It was a very LONG, and challenging time. This is one of my best friends! She has been with me for the last three babies and my labor/delivery. She is really a God-send, and I am so thankful to her for all her love and support! I know I gave her some bruises with this labor....especially when the epidural was going in. I squeezed the back of her left arm so hard...Sorry!!
My little guy! I still can't believe he wasn't breathing when he came out. I still shutter at the image of him in that little bed, nurses using the breathing machine on him, and rubbing his little body to get him to breath. So scary! It was the LONGEST 17 seconds of my life! It was such an amazing sound to hear him cry. Thank you GOD!!
He was a big boy! He is just growing like crazy now, too! I get comments all the time that he looks older than he is. I am sure he will just be a bigger kiddo! I am glad he is growing well!
He has a mess of black hair! It is so cute! I really hope he keeps his black locks. It would be fun to have one with darker hair. His eyes are blue. He is a very handsome fella!
Here is a picture of his poor head. He was vacuumed out, so his head had some trauma. I still feel bad about that, but I know that it was just what we had to do. Almost 2 hours of pushing, and using the vacuum, he came out. Now, his head is really healing up, just a few scabs. He has some cephalohematoma yet (blood pooling) on his head, and that will just take time to absorb.

I will share more pictures of him soon! Some I took today!


Milk Mama said...

Awww! Anna's saying, "Ouch!" lol-- It looks so sad. :( It took a couple of weeks for Anna's to go away completely. Poor little guy!

Kim said...

I loved playing in the woods behind my grandmothers house with my two cousins.

Stephanie said...

I didn't take pictures of my L & D with my firstborn and I don't anticipate doing so with baby #2 (due in 5 weeks). I'm not my most glamorous when giving birth, to say the least. ;)