Tuesday, February 3, 2009

“Suavenomics – living beautifully for less” Test!

With the economy struggling financially, and everyone cinching up the belt loops...I am so happy that Suave beauty products are still affordable! I am usually a "Salon only" gal, because my hair is one area that I like to pamper. With our finances being tight, we have to make some changes and cut out extra costs. I know that I don't NEED Salon hair care products, and this is an area that is a luxury not a necessity.
I was thrilled when Suave challenged me to test their products against the name-brand competitors. I knew Suave carried great products, because I was fortunate to review a few of their products once before (see here). What makes Suave great, is that it is comparable to name brand products, but it is so much less the cost. This is so helpful, especially in our economy downfall.
I was sent the Humectant Shampoo and Conditioner from Suave. The Shampoo andConditioner restores moisture to dry or damaged hair~ which leaves it soft and manageable. I can say that with using Suave's Humectant hair products, my hair is soft and manageable. I think my hair looks a little more shiny and healthy from using Suave's Humectant Shampoo and Conditioner. I liked both products, but I would say that the conditioner didn't put enough moisture into my hair. It could be that it is winter here, and my hair is more dry than usual. From being a user of Nexxus hair care products, I can say that Suave's Humectant's Shampoo and Conditioner is comparable in usage, but more affordable. Suave's Humectant costs $1.92-$2.49 (14.5 ounce) and Nexxus costs $8.79-$12.69 (13.5 ounce).
Suave sent me their Freeze Hold Non-Aerosol hairspray. The hairspray held well, and smelled good, too. My hair is very fine, and I usually need a pretty powerful hold hairspray. Suave's Freeze hold met the challenge well. I have used Sebastian's hairspray in the past, and for the cost of Sebastian's, I can buy 3-4 of Suave's Freeze Hold spray. Suave's Freeze hold is $2.17-$2.99 (8.5 ounce) and Sebastian's is $12.49 (8.5 ounce). With them being so similar with their performance, I think that it is more cost effective to go with Suave's hair spray.
I love good smelling body wash. I love feeling clean, smelling good, and not feeling soapy after a shower. Suave's Sweet Pea & Violet body wash smells so good, washes clean, and makes my skin feel soft. When I used the Bath & Body Sweet Pea body wash (which I love, too) it was a similar experience. With the cost of Bath & Body's body wash at $9.00 a bottle, and Suave's Sweet Pea & Violet's wash being $2.50 a bottle...you can notice the savings. Both products deliver a clean, soft, and great smelling person.
I use Lady's Speed stick deodorant, usually. Suave sent me their 24-hour protection invisible solid deodorant (Sweet Pea scent), and I didn't notice any difference. I was very happy with this because I think that Lady's Speed Stick is more expensive. I feel dry all day, and still smelled great at the end of the day. I didn't have any whiteness on my clothes, because the Suave's solid deodorant goes on invisible. Great product for less money!
The last product that I got to test out was the Suave's Skin Therapy Advanced Therapy lotion. My hands are very sensitive to different lotions because I have eczema. Suave's Therapy Advanced lotion left my hands feeling soft (conditioned). My hands didn't break out, either. It is clinically proven to moisturize dry skin better than Jergens Original Body lotion (which I tried, as well). Both lotions felt great, smelled great, and left my hands feeling soft. However, Jergen's costs $6.99 a bottle (21 ounce) and Suave's costs $2.95-3.39 a bottle (18 ounce).
I will say overall that Suave's products meet the challenge of being comparable to that of name brand products. I like to save money when I can, especially now with our finances being tight. So, Suave will be getting my business and I will be letting others know about their products as well! Thank you Suave, for putting me to the test, and for generously letting me try your products! I love that I can live beautifully for less thanks to Suavenomics!


Qtpies7 said...

What a great post! I would love to test those out.
I only use Suave shampoos and conditioners, or almost exclusively, sometimes I do buy something else on sale. But they are inexpensive and do the job for every type of hair in my house hold.
I haven't tried the other products, though. I am a Secret deodorant user and I can't imagine something else working! I did try one other kind once and it did not work for me, I think it was Dove brand?

Workship said...

I'm a Suave user as well for hair products. Always been happy. Never tried the deoderant. Maybe I will after your review.
I hope we get to see more pictures of your "sweet pea" soon!! :-)
Maddie was adorable on Sunday. Dot said she gave her a Big Hug!! So sweet!