Friday, July 31, 2009

Network Know-How (book review): Learn how to network!!

My husband grabbed this book as soon as it arrived in the mail for review. He took it to work with him and read it any chance he got. My husband is not a book reader, so I was surprised that he read it...over and over. We want to network our home computers, and he said this book was such a helpful guide. He said there was so much he didn't know, and often times he would come home telling me bits and information he found in the Network Know-How book from No Starch Press.
With the Network Know-How book you will be able to design, map, and maintain a trouble-free network: explaining how to run cables, set up Wi-Fi access points, configure file sharing and printing, and implement security.
Network Know-How book is going to be our guide when we set up our networking between our computers, televisions, and gaming equipment. I am glad to have this helpful guide available to us, because there is so much to know!
Readers learn how to:
Configure network adapters, hubs, switches, and routers
Connect computers running any operating system, whether Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows
Assign IP addresses automatically
Share music, photos, documents, and printers
Automate household appliances and distribute digital audio and video to a home entertainment center
Troubleshoot network slowdowns and failed connections
Network Know-How covers both wired and wireless networks and even includes advanced topics like DHCP, creating simple intranets, and stringing Ethernet cables. With his reading of this book, my husband now wants us to have wireless, and set it all up himself. We found this book to be so helpful, and I think anyone who reads it and uses the information to set up their own networking, will get the help they need. I think many like the idea of doing things themselves, and the Network Know-How book provides the opportunity to do just that.
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