Thursday, July 16, 2009

Birthday Bash Wii game review

Have a birthday party that you are planning for your son or daughter? I just had the opportunity to review a fun new game for the Wii, in which you can design a "party" for your children to celebrate with friends. Birthday Party Bash, from 2k PLay, can be played by up to 12 people. This game is a lot of fun, and easy enough for younger children (like ages 4-5), but can also be challenging enough for an adult (like me). Including over 20 games, this game offers some easier games like Pinata Blast, to more challenging games like the Laser Gremlin. My son, who is 10, and I tried this game out. We made a custom party with a Princess Theme. Since my Birthday is next week, we decided to plan the party for me. I invited, and included my son on the invitation on the Wii game. I picked the characters for us, to represent us. I got to enter our names, and my birthday age. Throughout the game, we played the mini games for our party. Some of our favorite games were: Duncan Hines Cake Stacker, Slingshot Splash, Balloon Popper, and the Scribble. We thought that the Bug Catcher and the Laser Gremlins were the most challenging. It can be a challenge to hit the targets just right.
After every mini game we played, we got more favors for our party. We got fancy chairs, balloons, hats, plates, cake, a Princess Throne, and more. It was fun seeing the party come together. I can see how this will be fun to design a party for my younger kids. One great feature of the game, I thought, was that if a player is out of the game...they can still shake their Wii remote and their character will do a funny thing.
There are several themes to choose from when planning the party: Music, Sports, Army Men, Construction, Pirate, Glamour, Magical Forest, Monsters, Stuffed Animals, and the Princess theme. It was fun customizing ourselves, and the party guests. We had the choices of body size (short or tall) boy or girl, and choices between the boys and girls for faces/hair colors. I like that there is several options for how you design your play. You can even pick a grandma or grandpa for them to play along with the grand kids. That is funny!
Included in the game is party invitations (post cards) with the design of the Birthday Party Bash game on it. Also, there was a coupon for Duncan Hines~ buy one get one free~ to make your birthday party taste delicious, too. The instructions for the game has ideas on how to make your party a success with your planning. It is a great help.
My son said this game is a bit too young for his age group (10 years), but I think it all depends on your child. This game is geared toward everyone between age 4 and 20.
Birthday Party Bash just hit the shelves on Monday, July 13th. I think the value is great at $39.99 for the game.
Thank you Mom Central for this great review opportunity, and for introducing me to it. I love helping spread the word!


justicecw said...

Looks fun!

Gretchen said...

My kids would love this game. Daughter got a Wii for her birthday last year. Of course, it was overshadowed by the CAR her grandparents gave her, but she uses the Wii every day.

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I so wanna have a wii on my birthday! Huhuhu... I'm gonna save for it. I'm gonna labor for this wii so that it's will be worth playing.