Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some sweet & funny things

About a month ago, we had vacation Bible School at our church (V.B.S.) and the kids had a great time with the whole week. One of the days, the kids got a Rice Krispie treat with a note on it saying something like, "Thanks for being my Leader." The kids were suppose to give it to someone who is a leader in their life. Caleb and Madelyn gave me theirs and I thought that was sweet. Then, Nathaniel came and gave me one, too. But, what was incredibly sweet was Nathaniel said, "I wish I could tie balloons onto this and send it up to Jesus."


We have a children's picnic table in our family/rec room. It is a plastic Little Tykes table, and for some reason my kids love to stand on the top of it. I constantly tell them to get down and stop standing on there. Well one day, Caleb decided to hop on up there. I said, "Caleb, you need to get down from that table. You know I don't want you up there, and I never want you to stand up there. Ever. Now, get down."
To which he replied, "Mom, you should make a sign."
I asked him what he meant, and he said, "You should make a sign saying, "No Standing on the table," so we know that we shouldn't stand on the table."

Where did he hear or see that we need signs for things?


We had our cousins here from Colorado/Washington this last week. They came to our house yesterday and spent the night last night. We took the boys, Nathaniel and his cousin tubing behind the pontoon. We decided to drop them off at the Island so they could go swimming for awhile while we drove around the Island. The plan was we were going to pick them up after we circled around. Well our dog, Lena, was not impressed with this choice~ at all! In fact, she was pacing the floor of the pontoon while barking. It was like she was saying, "You left the boys! They fell off! We need to go back! Hey, do you hear me? We are missing the boys!"
~lol It was very comical!


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