Sunday, July 19, 2009

MMMMMMMM.....MILK~ Why Milk?

I have always loved milk, and the many forms of milk: milk in the glass, milk in cheese, milk in shakes, milk in smoothies, milk in ice cream...MMMM....milk! It really does a body good! Milk is loaded with good nutrition, vitamins, and great for bones! I have recently been introduced to a great milk website called has so many great suggestions for ways to incorporate milk into your daily intake. Personally, I don't mind drinking the recommended 3-4 glasses a day; however, I know there are many ways that everyone can get the dairy our body needs~ even if you don't like milk by itself. I have made several smoothies for my family, and my kids (and husband) love drinking them. Not only are they getting a serving or two of milk, they are getting fruits, too. I use ice cubes, milk, frozen (thawed) fruit, banana, vanilla yogurt and some sweetener. Unfortunately I have recently laid our blender to rest, so once my new one comes, I can try the delicious recipes found on! I found a few recipes of different smoothies on the Whymilk website, like the Blueberry Blast, Mom's Mocha Indulgent, and the Peanut Butter Split Smoothie. I do have to say that the Avocado Mango smoothie sparks my interest...I wonder how that tastes? offers a great selection of meal ideas for breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner. I would like to try the different soup recipes. The Tomato Basil sounds really good! I think my husband would like to try the At-home Cappuccino recipe. There are so many recipes that make a recipe great, and you are getting what your body needs when you consume them! I am so glad that Mom Central introduced me to It will be fun to introduce new recipes to my family with this great website. I usually don't have too much difficulty having my kids drink milk, smoothies, or eat any other dairy product. has great tips and tools to help figure out how you can get your servings of milk in different forms, check your BMI and how many calories you burn, how your beverage choices impact you, how to recover from workouts with milk and more! I found the website to be very helpful and filled with great information. also offers fun contests, so checking out the site can be even more beneficial when finding great recipes to use milk in. I know this is a site I will be adding to my favorites!
Thank you and Mom Central for letting me learn more about milk, the benefits, and for sharing this with my readers!


Gretchen said...

I love milk, too, but it doesn't love me. :( I get so sick when I drink it. SIGH! Having kids ruined that for me.

superfizz said...

I'm not a milk drinker, the growth hormones that are often in milk really freak me out. I wanted to find out who sponsors the website and it is part of the "got milk" campaign, the contact info is a marketing company. It kinda bugs me.

I normally wouldn't comment like this but this is the second blog I've seen today that it talking about this website.