Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun Summer reads from Randomhouse: The Captain's Bride & Maire

I just got done reading The Captain's Bride, by Lisa Tawn Bergren. It was a superb book! It is book one of the Northern Lights series. Lisa really draws you into the character's lives, emotions, and experiences. The main character, Elsa, is from Bergen, Norway, and she is the Captain's wife. The story is about Elsa, her marriage, and their journey to the Americas.
The Captain, Peder Ramstad, gather with their friends and travel across the seas. This book dives into the stories of a few different characters: Kaatje Jansen, Tora Ander's, and Karl Martensen. Kaatje is struggling to keep her marriage together, being pregnant, too. Tora is a stow-away on the ship, and Karl is torn between feelings of loyalty and friendship with Peder to having deep, love for his best friend's bride, Elsa. This is a great book, and I couldn't put it down. There are so many moments that you just have to find out what happens next. It is fun to read of the stories that come from the ship-life. I recommend this book to those that love history, love, romance, suspense, and drama. I am looking forward to reading the second novel.
Maire by Linda Windsor, is book one in Fires of Gleannmara. The setting is Ireland, and the story is about Maire, who is the Warrior Queen of Gleannmara. Maire captures Rowan, who is a warrior from Emrys, reformed mercenary, and takes him as her husband. She has a challenging time understanding his unwavering faith, and his dedication to God. She cannot deny that the truth he displays: meekness and humility are stronger than any blade of steel. With that kind of weapon on their side, they battle together against the evil druid Morlach and corrupt his forces of darkness. In the end, they discover the cost, and joy, of following the one true God and His Christ.
Much of the legend, phrases, facts and language is that of Ireland. The story is from the heart of Linda Windsor, and her children. There is even a glossary in the back to help you understand a bit about her, and her put into words.

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