Friday, July 31, 2009

Aroma Houseware's Rice Cooker

I love the Aroma Rice Cooker that I got to review! I made great tasting brown rice yesterday! I couldn't believe how easy it was to use this rice cooker! I rinsed out the brown rice, then drained it. I poured it into the bottom of the inner pot and added the correct amount of water. I used the special spoon that came with the rice cooker, and leveled the rice out. I then shut the lid, it latched, and I pushed the brown rice button. No hassle, no sticky mess, and delicious rice! My kids loved the rice and I was very impressed at how easy, convenient and worry-free Aroma made my rice making! I love that the Aroma Rice maker, model ARC-998 8-cup, has a brown rice, white rice, steam, and warm/off button. Not everyone likes white rice, so it is nice to have the two different rice settings. I also made steamed broccoli in my Aroma Rice Cooker! The broccoli came out perfect, and it only took 5 minutes! I really like that the rice cooker is multi-functional! I am really looking forward to trying some of the recipes found on the Aroma Housewares website! I know that the fall/winter season is coming up quickly, and it will be great making stews and soups in the rice cooker from Aroma Housewares!
I think that the Rice cooker is easy to clean and assemble. There is an inner pot and steaming tray. After each use, you have to take off the steam vent, wash in warm, soapy water and wipe it clean. The Aroma Rice Cooker came with an instruction guide, and inside you will find a cook & steam chart to help you with your food preparation. I found the guide to be very helpful! The Aroma 8-Cup Cool-Touch Rice Cooker prepares up to 16 cups of rice and keeps it warm and for up to 12 hours! I think that is impressive! But, the best part of the rice cooker, in my opinion, is that you can assemble and prepare a full meal in it! I recommend this great product to everyone who loves rice, steamed vegetables, or stews/soups. I think the price to value is great, too!($59.99)
You can get more information and check out all the other Aroma products on their website.

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TopazTook said...

I need a rice cooker that cleans up all the little rice kernels my kid drops on our -- carpeted -- floor. I dream of the day a company invents that.