Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kidwinks: Things that GO

Kidwinks DVD's are designed to help children develop their speech and language. We recently reviewed the third volume: Things that Go, which is about modes of transportation. Bobby and Katy, the hosts, are people in masks that are friends with the children helping them learn words. I like that the Kidwinks DVD's incorporate sign language as a part of the language development. I have been teaching my children sign language, and I can fully see how wonderful and effective it works for kids to know signing. Some words can be hard to say or know, but if kids can sign, they tend to be less frustrated and can communicate more effectively.

The Kidwink's DVD: Things that Go, teaches different modes of transportation. Kids learn the word for each transportation, the sound it makes and the sign for each. Bobby, Katy and the kids sing songs to help with the teaching of these words, too. There is much repetition in these 20 minute DVD's, and that is helpful for the information to stay with kids. The DVD is not very complex in design, but it is simple for kids to watch. My kids watched it and enjoyed it. I think these DVD's are geared toward the younger kids mostly.

Kidwinks DVDs are appropriate for children ages 18 months and older, or for children in the beginning stages of speech and language development. Kidwinks have 3 different DVD's covering transportation, farm, and play. They also have a CD filled with songs for further learning.
For more information on Kidwinks and its products, visit Kidwinksusa.com.

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