Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thankful relief

Well, I was able to get out of another $50.00 co-pay to the clinic today. I brought the kids in last week for their colds, to hear..."It's a virus, it has to run it's coarse, nothing we can do...." Yadda Yadda Yadda....But, use the nebulizer as needed.

Now Caleb and Maddie have the green noses, and Caleb's cough is worse. Madelyn and Caleb are having big issues with sleeping at night. So, momma knows best, right? I diagnose them with ear infections. Symptoms? Crying, fussy, whinny, complaining of ear ache, can't sleep well at night, loss of appetite....I kindly asked the Dr. if she could just send a prescription to our pharmacy. I really didn't want to bring them in just for her to tell me that they have ear infections. I know they have ear infections, and I really didn't want to pay $50 to hear it. Last week there was fluid in Caleb's ear, but it just wasn't infected (yet). I should have just asked her for the prescription then, and just picked it up when I needed it.

Another question I have: If you have more than one child at home ,and one of your children get strep throat, why can't the Dr. give a prescription for all kids? That way, when the momma sees the signs and symptoms, then she can fill the prescription! It's not like we would just dose up our kids if they didn't need it. I am all about finding natural remedies to treat a cold, but sometimes you just need that prescription. So, I would rather have the meds available without another co-pay for a clinic visit. I guess it is just another way for them to squeeze the coins out of our pockets.

Where is my P.H.D? I think Mom's should get awarded an honorary medical degree. Most always when I bring the kids in to the clinic, I know what they have going on. I can tell the Doctor that my child has an ear infection~ strep throat~ Really, I think the momma's make the Dr.'s job 90% easier.

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