Friday, November 30, 2007

JumpStart World: First Grade

Nathaniel loves playing the JumpStart games! He could spend hours playing the games. The best part of him playing this type of game, is that he is learning while having fun! Kids can sing along to the music videos that teach phonics in the Art and Music studio the Karaoke way. There are different lands and challenges that will open up according to when the kids progress to the next level. What makes this game so fun to play is the 3D effects, too! Kids can earn Super Gems at the Math and Reading Arcades. They can pick what character they want to use when they play the game. Kids can personalize the World with their own artwork and photos. They can create billboards, cards and special pictures. The World changes with the seasons and holidays using a real-time calendar. You can pick what holidays are celebrated. There are over 80 learning games with 40 skills to learn! Skills taught: Math: Addition, Subtraction, Telling Time, Fractions, Picture Graphs
Reading: Phonics, Consonants, Vowels, Sentences, Comprehension
Critical Thinking: Problem Solving, Patterns, Attributes, Classification
Social Skills: Friendship, Knowledge, Dedication
Parents can keep track of what their child is grasping through detailed Progress reports, and create custom rewards to present to their children. This game isn't just for First Graders, either. Nathaniel still loves playing the games and refreshes what he has learned while playing. You can get it at Knowledge Adventure, and they have free shipping! It is rated:

For everyone! :)

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Qtpies7 said...

It is a great software package! My kids love it!