Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas Giveaway!

This Christmas Giveaway 2007 is being hosted by 5 minutes for
Mom. From now until November 24th, theywill be posting various contests. To enter the contests you just need to:
Add a comment on the contests you want to enter. You need to enter each contest individually so they know who wants to be entered in what contest. Either link back to this post and include a Christmas Giveaway button in that post or on your sidebar, or link to the individual contests you choose to enter. (If you post and include the button, either in your post or on your sidebar, and link back here, you are good for all the contests. No more linking required.)
As always, non bloggers are welcome to participate! Spread the word to your friends.
Remember to keep checking back for the latest contests – you don’t want to miss any! Thry will be posting several contests and updating this post with the links.

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