Saturday, November 3, 2007

Cuteness to strut

We all know our kids are super cute...and we want others to notice their cuteness...why not emphasize it with a funny, hip, and witty shirt? I came across this great website from my friend, Lisa's blog...

Julie Pruitt is the owner of this company of these great tees for babies and tots! They are made on quality fabric and made in the United States! Good stuff!! She started this company in 2004...and she was the only shop like it! Her inspiration came from the students she taught and babysat. She is also donating to P.E.T.A.,UNICEF, and now she will be teaming up with the Silly Wagon and donating for breast cancer awareness.
Right now Trendy Tadpole is offering Free Shipping! Shirts run a little small, and they are 100% cotton. They have a few options for the kind/style of shirt you want:

lap tee: a form fitting t shirt that is stretchy (sizes 12-18m and 18-24m).
snap suit: a one-piece outfit with snaps to change that stinky diaper (short sleeve only in sizes 3-6m and 6-12m).

toddler raglan: a 3/4 sleeve baseball tee with colored sleeves like black or red (sizes 2T, 4T and 6T)
t shirt: self explanatory (sizes 2T, 4T and 6T).

I suggest checking this will be glad you did!!

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Qtpies7 said...

I think I will go right ahead and make MY COMMENT!

Trendy Tadpole does make the cutest little shirts! I still love the drool monster! If I have another little baby I'll have to order that one, Sam doesn't drool anymore.
Oh, and I now have some motivation to work on #8, haha!
You know that contest for the shirt and you had to go to her site and say which shirt you liked? I said I loved the shirt "Yes, we know what causes this." I said I wanted it if we had #8, and then said what both Donnie and I say in answer to that question. She thought it was funny or something because she emailed me and said that even though I didn't win, she would give me that shirt when I am pregnant with #8! LOL So I said I'd get to work on that. The kids are horrified that I would try to get pregnant for a shirt.