Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WiggleTime (an online game source)

Recently, I was asked to review a fun new site featuring The Wiggles! My son and daughter really enjoy the Wiggles, and since we have ended our cable, it was fun to bring the Wiggles into our home from the computer. WiggleTime.com is a fun virtual world where my son (with my help) was able to create/design his character and play in the Wiggle World. He really enjoyed playing, exploring and being challenged in the online world.
WiggleTime.com was designed with the preschooler in mind. WiggleTime.com has been designed to provide pre-schoolers with their first introduction to the Internet in a fun, safe, educational and ad-free environment. Created as an early childhood developmental tool for both toddlers and their parents, it will be the ultimate online destination for children to learn while they play. I think that WiggleTime is a great way to introduce the internet to my preschooler, and he can get an idea how to use the keyboard and mouse.
Caleb's character (which we designed together) in Wiggle Time drove the Big Red Car, and had fun visiting different Wiggle locations like the Wigglehouse, Dorothy’s House, Wag’s Kennel, Captain Feathersword’s SS Feathersword, and Henry’s Underwater World. Caleb loved interacting with Wag best. Every time we checked out each location, we could watch a video and/or play games. The educational games are the primary focus of Wiggle Time and aid in the development of your child's numeracy, literacy, creativity and motor skills. Also, as your child progresses, the levels of each game get a bit more challenging.

WiggleTime.com can be experienced absolutely free of charge, for limited access and two video clips a month. To maximize the full potential of WiggleTime.com, subscriptions are available. Pay as you go, Monthly recurring and yearly subscriptions are available. The small subscription fee comes to under $6.00 a month and provides premium access to Wiggletime.com for up to four children on one account!

Special UNICEF subscriptions will also unlock more fun in the Wiggle Time world while donating a portion of the proceeds to UNICEF.

By subscribing to Wiggle Time, parents will have access to a number of tools including:

  • Progress reports that allow you to track your child’s activity while on Wiggle Time. These reports will provide you some observational based information on the games, activities and videos your child interacts with.
  • Access to a wealth of information on early learning techniques, including healthy eating, water safety, physical activity and toilet training.
Special promotions & product offerings (including pre-sale tickets to Wiggles concerts)

The Wiggle Time design is wonderful, creative and very kid-friendly. I really like the feature of a time out for the kids. Wiggle Time designed the virtual world to give kids a time out, due to time on the computer!

I am glad that I had the opportunity to review Wiggle Time. I did think that the site ran a bit slow, but I am told that they are working out that glitch. Seeing my son enjoy this virtual world and interacting with the characters of the Wiggles, was a fun experience.

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