Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Speaking of...

Caleb was cracking me up today, and good thing because when he wasn't saying something funny, he was getting himself into T.R.O.U.B.L.E with a capitol "T."

This morning while we were eating breakfast, Nathaniel made a comment about the very un-nutritious cereal they were eating.

Nathaniel: "They say that cereal has Vitamin D and Vitamin C in it, but if you eat too much you get a stomach ache." I told him it was misguided information and not correct. The company likes to put that on the box so it can look good to the consumer.

Then Caleb says, "Hey Mom, speaking of vitamin C, could I have a vitamin, please?"

Later on this morning, we were down stairs and Caleb said he was a candy eater. (I am not sure how that came up). Anyway, he pipes up, "Speaking of candy, can I have some candy, please?"

Then, we went over to Candace's house to babysit Claudia, and we were playing with the kid kitchen "play food." Madelyn handed me a cloth "pretend" piece of cheese. I said, "This is cheese. Can you do the sign for cheese?"

Caleb says, "Speaking of cheese, I think it is time to have some supper."

It was so funny! I am not sure where he got it from, but I am loving it! I told Terry about it when he got home, and he said that Caleb did that one other time, too, and it was pretty funny.

OH, Speaking of funny (ha ha), well...kind of weird. Yesterday, we had a flying visitor in our three season porch yesterday. Caleb and Maddie called me into the living room to see what was in there. We had a bird in our porch. Our screen door is currently broken (kind of). So, with it being cracked open slightly, and the wind blowing....the bird rose to the occasion to pay us a visit. It was pretty freaked out. I finally got it to go over to the door to make bail, but the poor little thing probably had mild heart attacks.

Here are some fun new things.... and some fun facts of my darling children!

Madelyn loves playing dress-up, and this is one of her favorite costumes. Thanks goes out to my dear friend, Anna, for the clothes she gave us!
I have the Tupperwear ball with all the shapes (love this toy!!) and Madelyn is really enjoying the challenges right now. I am impressed with her skills at putting the shapes into the correct spot. She even knows when the shape isn't quite in the correct angle, she needs to move it one way or the other to make it fit. I think that is impressive for being just "newly" two years old. She also likes to line up her crayons in a row, nicely and organized. I am not sure what the "experts" would classify this as, but I think it is adorable that she likes to line up the crayons.
Caleb makes a great head, body, legs and arms when drawing a person. He even draws the eyes, nose and mouth. I scheduled him for his pre-school screening in a few weeks, and I know that a person is something that they need to try drawing. So, when we had his birthday party (which I still need to blog, ahem....) I was drawing a person on the sidewalk in chalk. So, I called Caleb over and just showed him what a person needs. He was all excited and started drawing people. Now, when we are coloring or drawing, he is making people. He made a great looking person today over at Candace's house. He wanted Candace to have it, so it had to stay there. Caleb loves climbing trees so much, too! He also loves to "pee" outside on the trees, too. There is something about going outside that is so much fun!
Cole tries to sit up now. He will sit for a few minutes before he starts leaning over to one side. He loves to laugh at his brother, Caleb, who thoroughly loves getting him to giggle. It is so precious. Cole is drooling like crazy, and has been more spit-upy (I know it isn't a word, but it works). So, I am thinking he may be working on teeth. I could be totally wrong, though, because I think that with every kid, and I am usually calling that one too early. Cole loves his Jumperoo from Fisher-Price (totally the best jumper) and his exersauser ~which he can walk around in circles (another totally cool baby item). I had Cole in for his 4 month check up a couple of weeks ago, now. (told you I am behind a bit with blogging). He was 4 months and two weeks for his visit. He was just over #13 pounds and ranking the 88% percentile for his height. I don't have all the calculations here at my desk, but I was impressed with his growth and where he fit in the national percentiles....not that I weigh too much on the stats. He is a happy and healthy (big) boy.

Nathaniel came back from visiting his dad this weekend, and he creatively made a bow and arrow~ BY HAND! He carved a stick, removing all the bark, and formed it into a bow. Then, he shaved another stick down into an arrow. He said he had a fun time working on it. His Dad helped with the arrow, he said. It is pretty impressive, and of coarse, I had to take pictures of him with it. I think he was pretty proud of it, and he should be. I think home school has been a great start to his educational road to learning. :)
Isn't he handsome? He is getting so tall and growing so much! I can tell he is nearing the puberty stages. They already watched "THE MOVIE," as he calls it. It is a movie where they talk about the changes boys/girls go through when they reach puberty. I know they show this because many don't get the information from their parents, but I do think that parents should be the source of teaching these life lessons. So, we had some talks about all that.
Nathaniel only has 2 more days of school for the end of the school year for 4th grade. He has a field trip tomorrow (all day) and an all-school picnic with games, relays and food on Friday. He is really looking forward to summer vacation. I am really proud of him with his grades! He has done a great job bringing up his grades this year. He is challenged with spelling and essay writing, but we will work on that more in home school. I am thinking we will be homeschooling him next year. (more prayers....please pray for our direction on this). Nathaniel has scored phenomenally on his NCWA testing and MCA testing. He is in the high 90's for percentiles in Math and Reading. I am really proud of his scores, and what he has learned. I firmly believe that his 3 years of home school have greatly impacted his education and learning.

So, that is some updates. I promise to write up the blog post on Caleb's birthday (SOOOO....belated). But, I really want it to be a great post. I will also put up a contest or two tomorrow, too! Stay tuned!


Momma Mango said...

Your kids are so darn cute! :)
Love the dress up shots of Madelyn!

Qtpies7 said...

That is an amazing bow and arrow! He really should be proud of it!

l♥ving life as mommy and wife! said...

Your little ones are so cute!!! That bow is so impressive!!! And the "speaking of" is way to funny!! I love that age!

Oh my goodness, I think Cayden weighs more than Cole!!! HAHA I call Cayden my chunky monkey! :-) It would be so fun if we lived close with the two babies.

How are you doing??

TopazTook said...

Wow, they show "the movie" in 4th grade already now? That is earlier than I remember. Nathaniel's bow and arrow is impressive. I know there are some parks with ranges if he wants to practice using it. I think we all know what you mean by "spit-upy"; like you said, it works. I'm impressed with Caleb's drawing skills and Madelyn's love of dressup. (We had our tutus and stuff on here last night, because apparently you have to wear a tutu when you twirl.)

Sunshine said...

What a fun update and great pictures! Cool bow and arrow!! Darling enjoyed "seeing" the kids. :-) Daisy

jpandtheboys said...

Agree with Lisa, Nathaniel's bow is pretty cool! I can't believe he made that! It's fun to see pictures of the kids. I can't get over the fact that Cole is getting so big and I have yet to see him! I miss you guys. Hope you are having a great weekend.

I'm Losing It! said...

Thanks for sharing...speaking of Caleb being funny hehe...Last Friday at karaoke night, he was cracking me up! When he told me that he still wears Pull-Ups at night and I told him, "That's okay, Christian still does too." He replied, "Maybe you should tell my mom and dad that." Cute!

Joyful Noise said...

It has been so fun to spend more time with your children lately...They are so cute and sweet. Although I don't think Terry would have said that this morning at church. :) I love that dress that Maddie has on! I will need to get some girly dress cloths so K can play the princess with the pirates and knights. I loved that pic of Caleb in the tree too...So fun! Nathaniel should be proud of that bow - awesome job!