Sunday, June 14, 2009

How about some flowers? Giveaway and chance to win flowers!

I love getting flowers, especially when it is a surprise! My husband doesn't always think to get flowers, but he does know I like to receive them. Really, he thinks that flowers are a waste of money because they don't last very long. However, they make my day more special, and usually he is shown how much I appreciate the gift of flowers. Family Review Network recently introduced me to a company that makes HINT CARDS which are cards to get your "hint" out that you would love to get flowers. I think this is a great idea, because guys don't always think of flowers. They have so much on their minds with work, kids, family, obligations....etc., that I think they need a bit of a hint to help them out. I think the gift of flowers just shows such appreciation, and as a mom, it is great to get flowers....especially California Grown flowers!
I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from California Cut Flowers to review, along with
the hint cards. I loved the flowers!! I have never received flowers in the mail before! They came in a box, wrapped in plastic (lady bug) wrap, with flower "food." The flowers were fresh, and smelled wonderful!
Tucked inside were the Hint Cards. I think these cards say just enough to prod your special someone to let them know you would love to have some flowers. You can stick the cards in a lunch pail, inside a book (like the checkbook), inside a wallet (next to the debit card) or on the dash of their vehicle. I like the fun sayings on the cards. One example is: "Flowers make a girl happy. And you know what happens when this girl is happy... ;) " I think these cards would be a hit in the floral shops, and also the other we can hint to our hubby's about getting flowers. I highly recommend California cut flowers! They are so beautiful, last long, and smell great! I love the mixed bouquet! You can see in the pictures how pretty they are. Would you like to receive some flowers from your sweetheart? You can enter to win a set of hint cards. There will be 25 winners! To enter this contest, you need to leave a comment about how you would use the Hint Cards or who you would give them to.
So, this contest is open to those in the USA, and will end on June 22. Feel free to do the extra credits I offer for the giveaways. (see past giveaways).


The Allen Family said...

I'd probably stick it in my husband's wallet.

l♥ving life as mommy and wife! said...

I would stick them around the house for hubby to see!