Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy (belated) Birthday ~ Caleb

My dear, sweet Caleb turned 4 years old on May 25th. I wanted to get this up earlier, like close to the date of his birth, but I had so much with recovery from surgery...not blogging much, and just being busy. I wanted to make this post special, and didn't want to just throw it together.
Caleb was my biggest baby at 8 pounds 14 ounces, 20 1/2 inches long. He was born around 7 in the evening. (sorry, don't remember...but it is in the baby book). Having Caleb 6 1/2 years after Nathaniel, made it seem like I was a new mom all over again. I experienced a lot of "new mommy" things again, too.
So precious in His Sight....and ours!! So sweet my little Caleb.
Caleb turned 4 years old on May 25th. I can't believe that he is 4 already! Time goes so quickly! Caleb is mine and Terry's honeymoon baby. He was born 3 days after his "due date." It is quite funny about the due date, because he was due on the 22nd of May. Well, Terry, Nathaniel, and I all have birthdays on the 22nd, so having Caleb due on the 22nd was really quite coincidental. He wanted to have his own date, though. :)
Here is a few recent pictures of Caleb as a 4 year old. He is just so cute! What a handsome guy!

When Caleb was younger, he used to do this and just shake. He was excited! It made us laugh so hard! He knew how to make people laugh at a young age.
Yes, he figured out how that remote worked early, too. He definitely can figure things out, and loves to see how things operate. He loves to build, too.
Caleb was 2 years old in this picture.
Here is Caleb at his birthday party (May 24th). He had some friends over, G'ma & G'pa O. and G'ma Cheryl. He had a lot of fun with playing, water gun shooting, cake & ice cream. He loves parties. He really enjoys his friendships, too. I am sure we will be working hard on this puzzle for awhile.
Just like his brother, he is really getting into Bionicles. I am not sure if he likes them because Nathaniel does, or if he just likes to build them. We shall see.
Caleb is a funny little guy. He keeps us laughing with all the funny and witty things he says. He is our "memo" child....he remembers everything (mostly) and if we ask him to remind us of something...he 99% remembers. He really has quite an amazing memory. Terry and I are constantly awed by what he can remember and how he is so good with remembering people's names.
Here is a picture of Caleb, Dad and some friends loading their ammunition (aka water) into their guns. It was fun to see them getting the adults wet.
Caleb had fun blowing out the candles, and licking off the frosting.
Caleb was excited about getting a Leapster, too. He has played with it almost everyday since his birthday. I think this is a great educational toy. I am sure it will create hours of fun, and learning.
Some of Caleb's favorite shows/movies are: Bob the Builder, Shaun the Sheep, Toy Story, the Rescue Heroes, and Thomas & Friends. He enjoys building with his tool set, digging in the dirt, swinging high (and he just learned how to pump), riding his bike, drawing/coloring, playing with his rescue heroes, playing his musical instruments, singing, dressing up in play clothes, and playing with his train set. Caleb loves to dress himself every morning. He is potty trained, but he mostly loves going outside. (big time deal for him!!) He is a hard sleeper, and has a bit of trouble waking up at night, but we are trying to get him up in the night to go. He is really excited to start pre-school home school this fall. I think he will do great! He can count to 20, knows all of his colors, and is doing the skipping/jumping/hopping. Caleb loves to climb trees and explore outside. He is getting into the lake and playing in the water this year. That makes me a little worried, but Terry is reminding me that is alright. :)
Caleb's favorite foods are cheeseburgers, and hot dishes. He loves spaghetti and any other noodle/meat combo. His favorite restaurant is the Chinese buffet, and he loves to go there. He is a very busy 4 year old, and thinks that he can use any piece of furniture for his trampoline. He needs to run everyday, and loves to throw footballs. He is always telling us he wants to be in football and baseball. Sometimes soccer is a sport he wants to do, but usually football and baseball are the choice picks. He has an amazing throw with either his left or right hand, and he can throw really far.
Caleb is a very kind hearted kid, and loves his brothers and sister. He is a classic middle child~ the peace maker. He does not like it when his older brother or sister gets disciplined. He gets upset with Terry or I when we discipline them. He loves to tackle his siblings, and is really enjoying making Cole giggle.
We love you so much Caleb! We thank God for you, and we pray that you will continue to grow, seek God, and love HIM with all of your heart! You are a joy and a blessing!


Anna said...

He is also very adorable and I love his cute little voice.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Awww....Caleb sounds like an awesome kid. Happy 4th Birthday Caleb.

l♥ving life as mommy and wife! said...

What a sweet post Sarah!! Caleb is such a handsome little one! I love his four year old pics!! I am glad you had a wonderful day with him...thats sweet that he is your honeymoon baby too!!

TopazTook said...

Happy belated birthday, Caleb! All of these preschool interests are so much fun. As for the lake, as long as everyone's careful, it's so good for kids to be able to play outside. The water guns sound fun on a hot day -- I wonder what the dog in the picture thought of them.

ForensicMama said...

Happy Birthday, Caleb!

jpandtheboys said...

What a doll! We love him. Glad to hear his birthday was so fun!! Tell him that we wish him a happy belated birthday! It's fun to see all the pictures. You did a beautiful job writing about your darling boy.