Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Look who's eating cereal...

Mommy says, "Open up....MMMmmmm...Yum!"
(Cole is thinking) Hmmm....What is this stuff? Tastes pretty good~ I think I like it.
Oh, I think I can handle eating this. Yeah, I like it. (sorry the picture is a little blurred)
C'mon, give me some more, please. Can you be a little quicker, please?

Cole's first time with cereal was on Monday, June 8th. He loves cereal so far. First time I made it with warm water, and second time I made it with apple juice. He likes the water made version, but the apple juice....well, not so much.


l♥ving life as mommy and wife! said...

AWWWW how exciting!!! HE looks like he did a great job with it too!!

Cayden cant wait to eat!! When Ryan and I are sitting for dinner and Cayden is in his bouncer he just stares at the food as it goes into our mouths...haha so funny and he even cried once about it!! So I better not show Cayden that his little blogger friend is getting to actually eat!! LOL

jpandtheboys said...

Sooo cute. It brings me back to feeding Brody cereal for the first time and I get to do it one more time. :)