Sunday, June 1, 2008


Sorry, I have taken a mini vacation from the Bloggin' world over the weekend. I was home, just busy an not online. I hope you all had a super weekend!

If you are a guy, stop reading. You will not need to read this. :)
Friday afternoon, I had my ultrasound. I went to a different location this time, and I am regretting that decision. The tech lady I had was horrible! I was so disappointed with the service, and I am definitely complaining! I have had internal ultrasounds with every baby, and also when they have had to look for cysts, so I know the drill. They always give you a thicker (like a table cloth) sheet to cover your body from waist down, and you put your feet up on the table~ while totally covered. The techs I have had always had me insert the probe, too.
Well, this tech did everything wrong, I believe. She handed me the paper thin cover (like a paper towel)...which this is used for the other yearly visit. Then, after she came back in, she had me put my feet in the stirrups! If that wasn't bad enough, then she did the insert by herself, and just left me out there. NO covering me back up for privacy. It was totally uncomfortable. I asked her a few questions, and she was completely against giving me information! I was so unhappy with her. She didn't have any bedside manners, and really didn't put effort into small talk. Then, to really add icing to the visit, she started moving the probe around like she was digging. It was totally uncomfortable, and it actually hurt! I told her it didn't feel very good, and she just said, "Well, I am trying to get a good picture of your ovary, and yours is tilted back."
OK, SO WHAT!! I am pregnant, and you have no business digging around in there and causing pain! I have never been in pain for a visit like that. Even when I have been in for cysts on my ovaries, when they needed the pictures to be super clear. You know something isn't right when you are actually sore after a visit like that.

ON THE GOOD SIDE~~ I did get to see my little baby and that little heart just beating away! AMEN, and Praise the Lord! I was so happy! According to the ultrasound, I will be 8 weeks along on Tuesday. Yeah! So, my due date should be January 13 or so. Toward the end of the pregnancy, they will watch everything closely. With Caleb my amniotic fluid was low, and with Madelyn, it was almost gone on her due date. So, as my Dr. has mentioned, it won't get better with anymore, but it will be something we will have to be careful to watch. I am at a whole new clinic and new Dr.'s now, so I hope and pray all goes well.

Saturday, we got a lot done around the house, and Terry started working in the Hobby store. Then, Saturday night, our friends came over to have a grill out, and hang out. It was a fun night. We got a good storm through here, but the really bad stuff missed us. (Thankfully).

Today, we went to church. My aunt and uncle treated us to Subway. It was yummy! Maddie started not feeling very good, and she was actually kind of warm. So, when we got home, I gave her Tylenol. She is cutting 4 teeth, her first teeth, so I am not sure if that is why she had a fever or not. My aunt and uncle came over after Subway, and we went for a pontoon ride. It was a gorgeous day! Maddie got in a great nap on the boat.
In the evening, Maddie was feeling a bit better, so we went to a MOPS family picnic. Unfortunately, when we were there for just a bit, her fever spiked. So, we didn't stay too long. I feel so bad for her! I hope this (what ever it is) goes quick. I am suppose to work tomorrow, after being off for a week and a half. Not only does Candace need my help, but we need the money, too. I really am tired of my kids being sick so much!

Tonight, Caleb's legs are so swollen from bug bites! He has bumps behind his ears, and a few on his head. Poor little guy. So, he had an Aveeno bath, and Benedryl before bed.


Milk Mama said...

That's awful!!! I'm sorry your experience was so bad. Thank the Lord your baby is healthy and growing! :D

Anna had a fever only with a few of her teeth, but those ones were always the more painful ones... I'm sure it's pretty painful to cut four at once. I hope she feels better soon and Caleb, too!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that your ultrasound went so bad, but I am so thankful that your baby is fine and growing. Praise the Lord...

kristleharrison said...

Sorry to hear about your bad U/S. Congrats on the healthy new bean though! :)

Qtpies7 said...

That is a pretty horrible experience! Yikes!

I was helping in the nursery on Sunday and Maddie wouldn't let me put her down or even let Sam touch me, hehe. She was looking at my necklace and said "Necklace" twice! She is quite the talker, we can barely get Sam to say "mama" yet.

Jenn said...

Sorry to hear that it was so aweful people like that shouldn't have those kinds of jobs. Glad everything is going well with the baby though. Have a good night !

Jen said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your experience at your new place. I hope the rest of your time with them gets better.

My kids seemed to get fevers when they were teething too. I'll pray that's why she had the fever.

Alicia said...

So very sorry to hear about your ultra sound experience, what a bummer!!! But on the other side, I am SOOOO happy that your baby is growing and doing so well, what a miracle to see that heartbeat beating away!!! Praise God!!!

P.S. We have MOPS here too!!!

I'm Losing It! said...

First of all, thank you for letting me come along! It was fun to see your little baby "bean". The tech did seem a little impersonal to me, but I wasn't aware at the time that she was causing you so much discomfort. And you were right, I was sitting in the right chair, so that even though she left you "out there", your privacy was still intact from me. I know that Caleb was very curious as to what she was doing to you, but I tried to keep him on my lap during that time.

Kristinia said...

Congrars on being preggo! I'm now 26 weeks preggo with a baby girl. I definately know how some doctors can be! I'm seen at a Military treatment facility and I rarely even see a Doctor until birth of the baby (usually LPN's, Assisting Tech's or Midwife) but I have had many harsh check-ups and you think to yourself? These are the upcoming paid "professionals", its scary... Hopefully all goes well this preggo , I'm having a bit of complications with this one. With the boys I had Gestational Diabetes both times and both boys were born large and both via c-section due to my small frame.

Congrats! and we love reading your bloggy!

Gretchen said...

Those internal ultrasounds are no fun, but there's no reason for her to cause you that kind of pain. I hope you did make a formal complaint.

Glad I found your blog. I'm enjoying reading it!