Thursday, June 19, 2008

Start Digging!

Caleb was invited to his friend's birthday party a few weeks ago. On the invitation there were instructions to come in clothes that can be thrown away. The party was going to have a huge pile of dirt for the kids to come and dig in! What a super party! Caleb had so much fun digging in the dirt. Grandma even bought him some trucks, a rake, and a shovel for his digging pleasures! Yes, the clothes I put Caleb in did find their way to the trash can, along with his very much loved shoes that were seeing their last days. Here are some pictures from the very memorable day....
Every little boy's dream...playing in the dirt!
They had so much fun! At first the tunnel was scary...but not for long!
One little girl, and all those boys! Trinity had just as much fun! Caleb kept "rescuing" her from the dirt. After awhile, she kept digging her feet into the soil, so he could "save" her! How heroic is that?
All smiles after a hard day at work!

Caleb and his great friend! Two little buds!
Trinity wanted to be in the she ran up and grabbed on. How sweet!
The Momma made a great birthday cake all decked out for the occasion! The kids really loved eating the cake out of the trucks.
What a fun birthday party! It was done creatively, and the kids had so much fun!


Anonymous said...

How fun and what a great idea for a party. Great pics!!

jpandtheboys said...

I can't imagine how cool they must have thought that was! What a great idea. The pictures are adorable. :)

Gretchen said...

What an awesome party idea!