Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lug Travel: A Review

I have found a great new bag offered by Lug! It is called a Puddle Jumper. It is an Overnight/Gym Bag. I personally use mine for a diaper bag. I love the material this bag is made out of! There are many pockets to hold all my things and keep me organized. I really like that it is so stylish looking, too! I really love the ventilated pocket on the bottom...for keeping out smells. If you use it for a gym bag, you can easily fit your shoes in there, and they won't smell up your whole bag. I figured I could put soiled clothes in there.
Special Features:
Tons of storage pockets and compartments
Lower main compartment for cosmetic storage
Detachable mirror
Plastic coated bottom with metal feet
Ventilated zip pocket compartment in back
Perfect for shoes or soiled clothing
ID card for identification
Interior bottle holder and cargo pocket
D-ring for your keys, pen holders & zip pocket

The bag also has a piece of plastic covering the bottom of the bag, so if you set the bag down on a locker room floor (which is sometimes wet) your bag and belongings won't get soaked.
The overnight/gym bag comes in 7 colors: crimson red, fog gray, chocolate brown,grass green, ocean teal, rose pink, and sunset orange. The bag is sold for $75.00, and can be purchased here.

All about Lug Travel
Lug is a manufacturer that supplies retailers nationwide with quality and innovative travel accessories. Lifestyles are changing the way we live and Lug's goal is to design wonderful products that reflect these times. We offer travel related products with a commitment to create excitement and function in the products we design.
Their mission
Not only do we care about how you travel, we care about how you feel when you travel. Our products are specifically designed to keep you organized, in control, and looking good. We understand that travel disrupts a daily routine so our products are made to ease the transition by providing organization and innovation while you navigate through your day.

They also offer a variety of other great products:
beanie chairs
luggage belts
luggage tags
storage solutions
travel blanket and pillow
travel wallets

Check out Lug's products!


Alicia said...

Wow these are pretty cool and cute! Lots of pockets and storage places!!! Thanks for this review!!

Qtpies7 said...

I love your bag! It really is roomy and very well made.
I need a gym bag, myself, so maybe I'll go get me one!

Anonymous said...

Love the bag!!!