Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Update

We left on Friday night for Terry's Mom's and Grandma's. We had the truck bed full of things, and Terry had his snowmobile trailer full. We were hauling many things up to Terry's brother's house to store. We had a snowmobile, a lawn tractor, snow blower, table and chairs, tiller, three wheeler, and other miscellaneous things. So, we had a big load. We met up with my parents half way to have supper. It was a very tasty, and shrimp (all you can eat) with a salad and ice cream bar. It was very good, and really fun to see my parents, too. So, we headed out. We were within about 45 minutes of our destination when we heard a "POP!" Oh no...the tire blew on the trailer. Terry pulled over, and took a look. OK, the trailer was not going anywhere real soon. After finding out what size the tire was, we drove to the gas station that was about a mile back (fortunately there was one close). We called Terry's mom, and tried to find a place that sold trailer tires. Well, good luck at 10:00 at night, huh? Terry came back to the truck to tell me his mom and uncle were on their way. Then, we thought maybe our roadside service, through our insurance, would work for the trailer. Terry gave the 1-800# a call, and they said they would be about 30-45 minutes. They would tow us to a tire place in town. So, we told his mom not to come. We drove over to the tire place and saw it was just up the highway about 2 blocks, and around a corner about 3 blocks. Terry thought maybe he could just SLOWLY drive the trailer around the corner and bring it to the tire place himself. We were a little worried about wrecking the rim. But, the towing company was on the way, so we went back to the trailer to wait. Soon a car pulled up behind us. It was a worker from the gas station. He told us the towing company would be about 1 1/2-2 hours now because something happened to his truck! Are you kidding? We didn't want to wait that long! So, we drove back to the station to cancel. It was so very kind of the worker to come up to tell us! Talk about outstanding customer service!
After Terry made the phone call to cancel, a guy met him just outside the store. It was a customer that was in the store earlier. He overheard Terry talking to the workers and on the phone, and he had run home. He took off his tire from his lawn tractor, and offered it to us to use for the trailer. He said he would like it back, but if he didn't that would be OK, too. WOW~ what a generous guy! I was so impressed that this kind of "help your neighbor" is still around! We did decline the tire, but with much would not have fit. Terry did thank him for his thoughtfulness, though. We did end up driving the trailer to the tire place~ VERY slowly. It sounded like we were in a horse-drawn buggy. Hey, have to keep thinking positive, right? All went fine, we did make it to my MIL's, got a new tire the next morning, and all the equipment is delivered. We were so blessed with such great help and hospitality Friday night!
Saturday, the weather was great for the party. It was suppose to be a surprise for Grandma, but she got a B-day card in the mail that week, Saturday someone called and told her they couldn't make it, and someone called just before the party to ask for directions! Can you believe people just don't understand the meaning of SURPRISE?? Oh well, she had fun and was really happy to be with those she loves.
Sunday, we visited and had a meal. Terry cut down trees and loaded the truck with wood. Then we headed for home. We were really excited to pick up Nathaniel. It had been 11 days since we saw him. We stopped in to see my parents on the way home, since we were driving right by their place. Caleb helped Grandma fill gallon jugs with water. He loves the hose. Maddie got in on helping, too. We saw Grandma's flowers, too...they smell wonderful! After that, we went home, unloaded our weekend things, and the wood. I changed the kid's diapers, and we were on the road again. We picked up Nathaniel, and he talked non-stop all the way home. He was happy to be back home. We were happy to get him back, too. He does need his time with his dad, but I am sad when he is gone.

All in all, it was a good weekend.


jpandtheboys said...

It sounds like an adventerous weekend!! I can't imagine how much you miss Nathaniel when he is gone. I am sure Maddie and Caleb miss him too! I am glad that everything worked out and you had such a great weekend. miss you.

Gretchen said...

What a weekend! There sure aren't many people out there that would just offer a complete stranger their tire like that.

Jen said...

Sounds like a busy weekend! I can't believe people can keep a secret a secret! Shame on them!