Wednesday, June 18, 2008

TripFlix: Virtual Traveling

What an educational video TripFlix is! TripFlix is a fun-filled interactive DVD that features some of the coolest kid-friendly destinations to travel across the United States! This DVD introduces 25 featured locations to check out. I love that this DVD shows what different states have to offer, and also gives some history facts about locations and destinations. Before going to a new location, the video asks a trivia question, where you need to chose the correct answer. We really enjoyed seeing (with a virtual tour) new locations we have never seen or heard of before. I love the idea of this video to introduce parents and children to new places. It makes me what to start planning a future trip to one of the locations.
Caleb, who is 3 years old, thinks this DVD is great! He loved learning how to make boats, and teddy bears...the pictures and views of the different locations where great! The host and hostess of the DVD are two teens. I think some of their communications with one another is a little on the picking side, but some of their comments are funny. They help kids stay entertained.
TripFLIX was inspired by a long car ride to the beach. Who Started TripFLIX? Parents Dave and Ilana Bittner and their toddler, Scotty, packed up the car for a trip from their suburban Maryland home to Ocean City, MD for a weekend getaway. Crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, the toll booth operator handed them a printed pamphlet called The Bay Game, which featured trivia and games for kids to help make the drive more interesting. It was nicely done, but Dave and Ilana couldn't help wondering if there was a way to make an engaging, interactive educational media piece for kids that let them choose their own adventure, from coast to coast.
You can get your TripFlix at Amazon for $19.99. Thanks Team Mom for this review opportunity!

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Gretchen said...

Sounds like something I'll have to check out. We do quite a bit of travel and always are looking for new places to see and things to do.