Friday, June 27, 2008

Ease of locks and safe, too!

When I get home, I am usually carrying an armload, plus holding on to Maddie. The last thing I want to do is to search for my keys, and fumble with them to unlock the door. I am so thankful that Schlage Locks have created a product to make my life easier! I really like the electronic security with the keypad locks! We don't have to hide a key, carry our house keys, lose or forget our keys with our electronic security. Each family member can have their own code to get into the home! It is so nice, and conveinient! With Schlage Locks we can have up to 19 codes stored in the keypad. What is really nice about this feature is, if we have someone staying at our home while we are on vacation, we don't have to give them a spare key. All we have to do is give them a code, and we can delete it when they are done. Talk about security! This is also great if we are gone during the day, and we have a repair person coming out to fix something. We just give them the code to get in, and delete the code when we get home. I also like the feature of the light up keys on the keypad. This is so nice at night when it is dark. I just click the top key (Schlage button) and all the numbers light up.
Installation was easy, too! It only took one tool. We just replaced our deadbolt with a screwdriver in less than 30 minutes. I like that this lock fits round or square corners, or drive-in installations. Schlage offers many different selections of products to meet your needs. I like that they offer different finishes for their locks, so I can pick which one I like best. I am just so grateful for Schlage Locks!
Thank you MomCentral for this review opportunity!


Gretchen said...

Pretty neat! I can never find my keys in the massive bag I carry around. This would make life easier!

Anonymous said...

I like these, we went on vacation last year and the condo where we stayed had these! We need to invest some for our home.