Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thirteen Things about Mosaic: Amy Grant's Pieces of My Life So Far

    1. I am doing a book review on Amy Grant, and here are thirteen things about her and her new book: Mosaic

      1. 1. Amy Grant weaves original lyrics and poetry into a narrative patchwork of timeless candor in Mosaic.
      2. She reminiscences of her Tennessee childhood,
      3. Displays poignant scenes from her life as a wife and mother, and
      4. Gives down-to-earth insight from her celebrity stardom, she invites you into her world and gently leads you to fresh insights about your own.
      5. Amy started her career and fame in the music industry with a part-time job sweeping up a Nashville music studio, which was the perfect opportunity to duplicate a tape of her original songs as a gift to her family. A studio executive heard her recordings and she really soared into the music world from there.
      6. She displays photos of her immediate family (Mom, Dad, 3 sisters and herself), Great Grandma, High School Photo (1978), classmates, her 4 children and 1 step-daughter, hubby: Vince Gill, her favorite writing spot, tour photos, Minnie Pearl (from Hee Haw), and other memorable events with famous people/events.
      7. Words to many of her well known songs, written as a poem.
      8. She took the words of the songs from pieces of her life.
      9. She gives you the history behind the songs she sang, lyrics she wrote.
      10. Her and Vince Gill were baptized together...and the song correlated with that special event.
      11. Millie, her daughter, is named after Minnie Pearl...from Hee Haw!
      12. She is a woman who has weathered some storms, and with God, she was carried through.
      13. I think some of her songs, when you know the history of them, touch you even more. I think this book is a great read to really know who Amy Grant is and who God is in her. She does a great job revealing life through music. Thank you Amy!

      You can purchase Amy's book: Mosaic here.


    KC said...

    That was all very interesting,
    Happy T13

    jenn said...

    The book sounds very interesting.
    Happy TT!

    Mercy's Maid said...

    Amy Grant was always one of my favorites when I was growing up.

    My 13 this week is musical. Come by and see if you can guess the title and artist of the songs I listed.

    Qtpies7 said...

    What a great way to do your review! You are so creative!

    Babystepper said...

    I'm just about to receive this book from a friend, so thanks for the sneak peek!

    ellen b said...

    Sounds like an interesting book. Happy TT to you...

    Sniz said...

    I'm curious...does she talk about her first husband and how that ended and why she married Vince Gill?

    Nap Warden said...

    I like Amy G. I didn't know she had a book out!

    baby~amore' said...

    wow Amy Grant was/is one of my favourite singers - we have lots of her CD's.I am going to ask for this book for Christmas. I hoep I can gte in in Australia - has it been released ? Thanks for sharing.I am so glad I stopped by. Thanks for visiting me too.I am going to find a CD now.

    KC said...

    Hello, Just wanted to stop back over, and let you know you have been given a treat over at my blog

    Thank you for your comment today. 8)

    Shaunda said...

    Your very creative! Great POST!