Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hipmomma will put Maddie in "Style"

Hipmomma had a contest for these adorable girls (toddler) jeans. They are a flare jean. They are so chick! The snap is printed in pink! The stitching is done in pink, too. I am so excited that Madelyn will have a cute pair of jeans to wear when she is 2! Right now Maddie just likes chomping on the tags,

but I know she will appreciate the wear in a year or so. She is a little peanut, so she may be closer to 3 when she gets to wear these. Thanks HIPMOMMA for being so generous with giving this gift! You were so prompt with sending it to me, too! Thanks so much!! :) You made my day!

She even sent me a thank you card for participating! Isn't that kind? So thoughtful!

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hipmommy said...

Your little one is so adorable! I am so glad that I made your day. I love to make people happy. I am sure that when Madelyn gets to wear these jeans, she will look cute and hip! Thanks for writing this post & your post made my day:-)

Hipmommy from Hip Mommy's Place