Sunday, October 28, 2007

Seasons are made for change

The time is drawing near for winter to come. I love fall...the vibrant colors, smells, cooler and crisp air, bon fires, wood stove burning, etc. We had fun riding in the pontoon the "last time" for this year before we took it out.
The boys were having fun throwing the leaves at each other. With the wind at their backs the leaves hit Terry and I...and you know that was hilarious! We really had a blast chasing the sea gulls. I am surprised that they didn't all team up and bomb us from the air with their ammo. (white poo). I know if I was a sea gull and people chased me with a boat, I would nail them!

My boys are being funny with this picture...Money see, Monkey do! Little Miss Maddie loves the boat and being out doors. We bundled her up that day with the winds as cool as they were.

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