Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Nathaniel! ~

Wow! I can't believe it was 9 years tonight that my first baby was put in my arms. He really changed my life! I couldn't believe that I was a mom! I was 23 years old when I became his momma~ and I was going to be a single mom. I grew up in a Christian home, and my parents raised me with strong morals. If you told me that I would have been a single mom at age 23, I would have told you that was crazy!
Well, after Bible College, I decided to live life how I wanted to. Out of my selfishness God really blessed me way above what I deserved. Aren't we all glad we don't get what we really deserve? God's grace is so amazing. Nathaniel's Dad isn't a Christian. This has been hard for Nathaniel (and me). God has put such a missionary heart in Nathaniel, and he worries for his Dad. He has cried over him with knowing that he is lost without Jesus. I pray that Nathaniel will keep that missionary heart, and pour the prayer over his Dad. When Nathaniel was littler he always asked the clerks in the stores if they knew Jesus. It used to make me embarrassed. Why should I be embarrassed of our Lord? Isn't amazing what children teach us? Through the mouths of babes....I think children faith is so big and pure...and they see things more clearly sometimes. They are truly wonderful! We can learn so much from them!
Nathaniel means "Gift from God." That is why I named him that. At age 2, he would tell people that he was a gift from God. It was pure precious! He was such a happy, and easy going baby. For that, I was really blessed, too! One really funny thing that Nathaniel said when he was a toddler was that he called his knee his leg elbow. When he was about 2 1/2, he said Jesus was in his heart. This is one of my favorite stories of Nathaniel's. We were driving and Nathaniel said Jesus was here. I said where, and he said he was on the seat next to him. I said that was good. Then, Nathaniel said he is in my heart, too. about an instant avalanche of tears! Wow~ heart gripping. After that he always buckled Jesus in next to him.
Nathaniel has such a tender heart. He is a great cuddler, and snuggler. He really knows how to make people feel good. He somehow knows right when I need that hug, or a compliment. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful little man. I love you Nathaniel! I pray that you will honor God with all you do, and that you will Follow HIM your whole life! Thank you for being my sweet son!


Qtpies7 said...

Oh dear, you should get Tracey's book and journal stuff like that.
Happy Birthday, Nathanial!

MomOf3 said...

Happy birthday to your very precious little man! :)

Movers4life said...

Thanks for sharing, that is so neat!! Tell Nathanial Happy B'day!:)