Thursday, October 4, 2007

“Cyber Shower Party Post”

She is in hiding... Welcome Madelyn!

5 minutes for Mom is having a Cyber Baby Shower. This picture is of me just after I delivered Maddie. She was a special baby to us for many reasons. She is my baby after our other baby went to heaven. So, Maddie is very special. I had very little amniotic fluid left according to the ultrasound on my due date, so they needed to get things moving. I went in that night to the hospital, and they put a pill in the nook of my cervix. Well, that really got things moving and about 4 1/2 hours later, my sweet pea was born. I did have an epidural, and she didn't respond well to that. I was hooked up to oxygen and needed to keep flipping from side to side. I was the biggest I ever was with pregnancies, so I was expecting a 9 1/2-10 pond baby. When I started pushing, it burned like fire down there...well, come to find out she was posterior (so she was sunny side up). Luckily she had a little mellon, so it wasn't too bad. When she came out, of coarse I was emotional, and the Dr. asked me how big I thought she was. I said, "Oh, 8 pounds?" The Nurse said, "No, she is little, she is more like 7 pounds." My best friend, Randi, was in there, and she took a guess at 6 pounds 8 ounces. Randi knows her baby weights, because Maddie clocked in at 6 pounds 9 1/2 ounces! What a little peanut! That was a new experience for me, because both my boys were over 8. Nathaniel was 8 1/2, and Caleb was almost #9! Her go home outfit didn't fit her until she was 3 months old. What a miracle she is!

What is your favorite Nursery Rhyme? I would say mine is the Little Miss Muffit. I know it isn't Lisa's, but I think it is cute. I also like There was an Old Woman....

Please leave a comment about your favorite Nursery Rhyme. It is nice to know you stopped by, too! :)

Go to 5 minutes for Mom and congratulate Janice on the birth of baby Olivia! Also, check out the shower contest! I would love to win some prizes! My top three choices would be:

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Auntie Em said...

Good story. I never knew so many things could go wrong until I started following the Cyber Shower thread. Thanks for sharing.

Movers4life said...

Those are beautiful pictures!:) Maddie is such a beautiful baby!

Candi said...

Great pictures!!

She was a cute little peanut!!

Qtpies7 said...

So, did ya win?

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the post! Your kids are PRECIOUS...congratulations on the new arrival!


wheatiesmomma said...

Ok - just trying to learn how to leave a comment here.

wheatiesmomma said... worked. what nursery rhyme do I like. Well, Peter, Peter Pumpkin eater really cracks me up. He put her in a pumpkin shell. I mean, come on...really?!