Wednesday, October 24, 2007


MomsBlogging is having a contest for who is the meanest mom! :) I think this contest is really funny, because in a way, we as moms are all mean (in our children's eyes). All entries must be in by October 31st at midnight EST and she will announce the winner on Friday, November 3rd.
I think I am the meanest mom, because I make my children take a "Scout size" bite of everything I make. I don't like the, "I don't like it" statement when they haven't even tasted it. I mean really, it could be the best thing they ever tasted...they should at least try it, right? I will not make them finish what is on their plates, but if they dish it up themselves, then I will. They need to control what is put on the plate. They always have the option to get more if they want. This is funny, because sometimes Nathaniel will make 3-4 trips.
If the kids don't eat their supper, they aren't allowed to have ice cream for a snack later. Our family usually has ice cream at this is a treat. Sometimes I get the crying for ice cream, but I just say, "Sorry, you didn't eat your supper."
My son is great about forgetting to put his socks on in the morning (school days) and I have told him many times that the socks are included with getting dressed. Well, he had a new play station game for his birthday, and he was really excited to play it the next day. I had made a rule that he will have play station taken away if he forgot his socks. Well, what do you think happened? Yes, he forgot, and I felt bad about taking it away...but I have to follow through.
I make my toddler take his naps, when he fights the sleeping some days, but he needs a nap (and I need a break) :)
I make my kids wear coats when it is chilly outside, and hats on their heads. I make my kids go to bed almost the same time every night! I make my son study his spelling words everyday (spelling isn't his strong point) and do reading everyday. I make our children clean up their toys. I make our kids clear their dishes when done eating (starting at age 2). I give them chores to do, and require daily duties to be done. I teach my kids how to make their own meals now and then. I can be a slave driver at times with getting the cleaning tasks completed.
I am a mean mom because I care, and I want our children to grow up to be responsible. I want them to have life skills before they move out...or I kick them out! :)


Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

my kids have to take 3 no thank you bites... :) they HATE it... :)

thanks for playing and promoting the contest!

Sniz said...

This is the second post I've read about being a mean mom. Hilarious and so true. If you ask me, the world (and our kids) need more mean moms!

Irritable Mother said...

Sounds to me like you are doing a great job. I am convinced one day our kids will thank us for how mean we have been. :)

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

I'm ssoooooooooo late announcing this, but the votes are in and YOU ARE THE MEANEST MOM!!!!!!!

send me your email address to relocatedyank at (and you mailing address) and I'll get your prizes to you!