Tuesday, October 19, 2010

mOmma feeding products (review)

It is so fun when little ones start feeding themselves, and start moving into the "independent" stages of doing things on their own. It can be a very fun experience for the little baby...growing into a toddler, to learn and explore with the world around them. I really like when I come across great feeding products for my little ones. I look for products that are easy for my child to use, sturdy (because the floor can be a long way down from their tray) and products that are not only safe to use (materials made with) but also easy to clean up.
I got to review the mOmma feeding line, and I think the fun design is both entertaining for kids, and useful! Check out my little guy reviewing the mOmma Non-Spill Cup with straw:
Notice how the cup does NOT spill. I have tried so many sippy cups that claim the "no-spill," or "spill-proof" statement, however, I have found very few that actually hold true to that claim. Well, my child states the claim, and proves, that the mOmma Non-Spill cup with straw does not leak. I love the "roly-poly" shape of the cup, which makes my son laugh. I also like how the straw can be shut, hidden underneath the lid, to keep it from getting dirty, or for easy storage in the diaper bag.~NO Leaks! The lid slides shut completely!
I also love the that whole mOmma feeding products are BPA and phthalate-free...making them very safe to use with my kids. I am a big promoter of using safe products for my kids. I am really happy that the mOmma line is dishwasher safe, too. When products are made safe to wash in the dish washer, I am an even bigger promoter!
Since the cups for the mOmma collection are round-shaped, the mOmma wash is a cleaning brush designed to work specifically with the mOmma line cups. I love the bigger handle on this brush, and the bristles are made very well. I really like that the mOmma line has a brush to fit their cups perfectly, because it is really hard to wash inside of cups, bottles, or any other odd shaped container. The mOmma cups, both the sippy cup and the cup with a straw, are made with two handles, for easy control while drinking. I really like the bottoms of the cups, they have rubber-coated bottoms to help reduce skidding and prevent spills. The mOmma Warm Developmental Meal Set is a great set for a new baby moving into the self-feeding stages. The circular plate is designed to keep the food warm. I like the two sections on the plate, to keep food separate. Included in this set, is a fork and spoon. The fork and spoon have a bulb-shape handle on it, for the little one to be able to grasp onto it easier...better hold. The design of the handle is made to fit even the smallest of hands. This is designed this way so little ones can start to learn how to properly hold an utensil. The utensils' protective cover provides a hygienic case, so it is ready to use when you take it out of your bag.

The mOmma feeding products combine innovation and technology to transform mealtime into an opportunity to play and learn. I think that the shapes and design of the mOmma products are fun and inventive. The colors are bright, green and orange, and my little guy loves his non-spill cup! I recommend this feeding line, and give them two thumbs up!
You can purchase your mOmma feeding line products are select specialty stores and online at mOmma.com, Amazon.com and diapers.com. You can find mOmma on facebook, too: mOmma's facebook.
I was sent a mOmma non-spill cup, mOmma cup with straw, mOmma warm development meal set, and the mOmma wash to review from mOmmaUS.com and Team Mom. I was sent these products and information in exchange for an honest review. I am not compensated for my time or written review. The opinions in this post are of my own and do not reflect on the company.


karenmed409 said...

Love their collection of soft teethers and feeding bottles,I love cup products that don’t leak, our little one still likes to tip the sippy cups.
Thanks for the review!

Aileen said...

These are very nice products and well designed too. Hope they are reasonably priced.
arobimom at gmail dot com