Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Life As We Know It" movie review

I love the new movie that just came out in theaters this weekend, "Life As We Know It," starring Katherine Heigl, as Holly Berenson, and Josh Duhamel, as Eric Messer. Holly and Eric are mutual friends to a couple, Peter Novak (Haye MacArthur) and Allison Novak (Christina Hendricks). Peter and Allison tried to pair Holly and Messer up, but it was a date gone bad. Peter and Allison got married, and Holly and Messer were attendants. Through being the couple's best friends, they were together a lot, even though they hated each other.
Peter and Allison have an adorable daughter, Sophie, and through the first year of her life, Holly and Messer are with her for so many events. Sadly, and very sadly, Peter and Allison die in a car accident. Unknown to Holly and Messer, Peter and Allison had named Holly and Messer as godparents, which they were to have total care for Sophie.
With taking over custody of Sophie, Messer and Holly are to share the home.
Learning how to parent and care for Sophie, Holly and Messer must learn to set aside their selfishness and learn to work together for Sophie's well being.
Messer is a Network Sports Director and Holly is a caterer. Their careers are right at the point of growth and moving up, so they must weigh what is more important, a high status job, or raising their best friend's daughter?
Messer is a happy bachelor, and he is very content with dating several different women, and Holly is still looking for the right guy. One day, Holly meets the man of her dreams, Sam~ A Doctor. Sam (Josh Lucas : Sweet Home Alabama) and Holly go on their first date, and Messer shows a little insecurity and jealousy. On their date, "Dr. Love" gets a phone call from Messer about Sophie being sick. The Dr. and Holly meet Messer and Sophie at the hospital, and find out Sophie will be Ok. Holly and Messer end up showing interest in each other after that, and life gets a little interesting for them.
Some big decisions come for Messer and he must make a decision that will greatly impact Holly and Sophie. Will his new home life keep him around, or does he choose something different?
With a case worker checking in on Holly and Messer with the guardianship of Sophie, she encourages them to work together, don't get romantically involved with each other ~ to prevent complications, and to put Sophie first. The end of the movie is a great surprise, and I loved how they celebrated Sophie's 2nd Birthday.
I think this movie is a "must-see." It is a romantic comedy, and I will say that I laughed and cried. It was an emotional movie, because I have my own kids, and it made me think about my own kids in the unlikely event of death.
I recommend this movie, and I think that Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel and Josh Lucas were marvelous on the screen. Great chemistry and emotion acting!
**In theaters now***

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Katherine Heigl played in The Ugly Truth and 27 Dresses.
Josh Duhamel played in the Transformer films.


Gretchen said...

I've seen the previews for this movie, but wasn't sure it was something we'd enjoy. It costs soo much to take the family to the movies, we try to make sure the movie will be enjoyable for all of us.

Aileen said...

I definitely want to see this movie, but I'll wait till it comes out on Netflix.
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