Thursday, October 28, 2010

Infantino's Food Line~ Annabel Karmel

I absolutely love the new baby feeding line that Infantino carries! I wish these products were around when my other kids were little babies. It can be a challenge to transition from breast feeding to solid foods, and buying all those jars of baby food can not only get spendy, but I often think that maybe if I knew exactly what my baby was eating, I could make sure that my baby is eating the healthiest foods. I loved seeing the new line of feeding products from Infantino! The Annabel Karmel products are great for making your own baby food, and preparing foods for your baby simplier and easier.

I really like the Stackable pots, because there are a few different sizes and each size is a perfect serving for your little one. I love the colorful containers for easy food on the go, and to put the container in the diaper bag for later feeding. The Stackable pots come in three different sizes, and they stack together for easy storage. These food pots are freezer safe and microwave safe, which make them very usable! I really like that I am able to store my frozen baby food in these stackable pots and bring the food on the go. While my baby's food is thawing, I am traveling, and then when it is time for eating, my baby's food is easily available.
Making my own baby food is a great way to know what my baby is eating. I love that I can make a big portion of food, and then I can fill up the Freeze Tray. Then, when my baby's food is frozen, I can store the food in the Stackable pots, or place into another container. The Freeze tray will hold 9 servings of foods, and I like that each is separated, so I can put many different foods like fruits and vegetables into the Freeze Tray at one time. Each food portion is 1 oz. and is perfect for your baby's appetite. I love that the Freeze tray is dishwasher safe, too!

My older kids love the Fill & Freeze pops, even though they were designed for the babies! :) The Fill & Freeze Pops are perfect for those aching gums when babies are teething, or for a nice cool summer treat. I love the recipes to make your own fruit pop, naturally good without any chemicals or unknown items. You can make Fruit Frozen pops with just fruit and 100% fruit juice! The Fill & Freeze pops are dishwasher and freezer safe, and there are four different colored pops. Each freeze pop has a handle for easy holding~ perfect for little hands.
Infantino carries a great line of baby feeding products! I also love the Fresh Food Mill~ for easy puree and grinding foods for your baby, and the Mash & Serve Bowl for making the fruits and vegetables easier to eat.

My little one loves to eat what I eat, and with the Annabel Karmel feeding line, I can eat my food, and show my baby that he is eating what I am eating~ it is just prepared a little different. Annabel Karmel feeding line has made my food preparations easier, and I am happy knowing what my baby is eating. Plus, my baby likes the flavors of the foods, too!

Infantino has also launched a brand new website this month! Be sure to check it out at .

I am a participant in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as part of my participation.

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