Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Disney Live! Mickey Mouse Magic Show

Disney Live! Mickey Mouse Magic show was a fantastic show!! Our family went and saw the show at the Xcel Energy Center on October 24th, 2010. Our family was very impressed with the show, and we will for sure what to see it again when it comes to our area.
The show started off with an introduction to the magician, Brad, and he was there to perform the tricks along with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald.

The show had dancing girls, and they danced a few times in between the sets.
Mickey and Minnie are so fun to watch, ~what a cute couple!
One of the beginning scenes was of Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter, the Rabbit, and the Queen of Hearts.
During the dancing of the cards, Brad the magician displayed a joker card with Goofy's picture on it.....Bad move! The Queen of Hearts declared, "Off with his head!"
So, Alice had to put Brad into the boxes and spin his head and body around and around. Let's just say he got all twisted up! I am still not sure how that trick was performed!
Mickey and Minnie did a dance of the glowing broomsticks, like in Fantasia. Minnie floated into the air during this magic show, too.
A little boy was brought up onto the stage, and Brad asked for his show. The shoe was melted and deformed, and the trick was that his shoe, nice and new, ended up in a box that was hanging from the ceiling.
One of the fun sets of the show, was when there was a throne with a curtain attached. Mickey, Minnie and Donald shut the curtain, one of them said a magic word, and a princess appeared. Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, was first to appear. Then, after Belle talked and sang, the curtain was shut, and Goofy tried a take at the magic word "Abracadabra," but he mispronounced it...and instead of someone good...Gaston appeared.
The next princess to appear was Snow White. When Goofy tried saying the magic word, with failing, the wicked witch appeared with a poisoned apple to tempt Snow White.
The last princess that appeared was Cinderella, and then the Fairy godmother came to make Cinderella's dream come true.
A pair of pink shoes were received from the audience, and magically transformed into glass slippers....and then a pumpkin-shaped carriage came out onto the stage.
Cinderella, peasant girl, entered the carriage, and with a poof, the door opened and Cinderella Princess came out....gown, hair up in a style and all! What a great trick!
This time, when the curtain on the throne was pulled shut, "Abracadabra," was said and Prince Phillip appeared and danced with his Princess Cinderella.

Donald Duck really wanted a big spot light in the show. He had made way to center stage with a song about himself a few times during the show, hoping it was his turn to shine. I love Donald...he is so cute!
The Aladdin theme was the next part, and out of the magic lamp came none other than Genie Goofy! There was a magic carpet that danced around, and then Princess Jasmine appeared.
Brad the magician magically lifted Jasmine up into the air...slowly, slowly, higher and higher. He took a silver ring and had her body go through the ring. It was very impressive!
Then, one of the most thrilling magic tricks out there (in my opinion) is the trick to cut a person into sections...by mid section, and with dividers at the head and feet. Two girls were the volunteers for this trick, and the guys could each perform the trick. Each girl wore a colorful, sparkling outfit~ one was red, and one was blue. They each laid down on the table inside a sectional box. The magicians went to work placing the dividers on the head and feet. Then, they sliced a divider into the mid-section of each girl.I still do not know how they separate the person (or so it seems)...I think it is mind blowing! The magician even stood in the middle of the two sections.
However, that wasn't the only surprise with this trick...
The guys took the bottom half of each girl (their legs) and switched them to the other girl. So, each girl had the other girl's legs... It was crazy to see each lady stand up, with different color pants. I have no idea how this trick is pulled off, but I can say, "WOW...I am amazed!"
It was amazing!!
The end of the show was a great finale with streamers, and flying paper strips. Each character and person came out with a bow and smiles to go around. We applauded them, and were so happy to have been at this show! We highly recommend the Disney Live! Mickey's Magic Show!!

This review opportunity was provided by Feld Entertainment. I am a Feld Family Activator. I am not compensated for my review or written post. The statements in this review are of my own, and of my opinion. I was provided tickets to attend the show with my family, and given the opportunity to host giveaways for my readers.

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Looks like a blast, but I'd have to borrow some young kids to go. My two teenagers would never be caught there. :(