Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sing and Learn Spanish with the all new DVD's from Master Communications!

More and more kids are learning a second language early on in their childhood. I think it is superthat children's DVD's are coming out introducing language learning in fun ways. I recently got a DVD to review from Master Communications called Sing and Learn.

Sing and Learn is an engaging and effective tool, whether teaching a second language – in this case, Spanish – or preserving it as a native language at home. Developed by Agnes Chavez, a language expert, teacher and producer of Spanish DVDs, the DVDs have been proven to teach Spanish to children the fun and easy way. Children are constantly exposed to multicultural rhythms from around the world and Sing and Learn capitalizes on that, bringing Salsa, Cumbia, and Ranchera music to life in these videos while showing youngsters engaged in fun, everyday activities.

I thought that this DVD was well put together, and my kids really enjoyed the music! I think kids learn quickly when music is apart of the lesson. I really liked that the Sing and Learn DVD included a PDF of a Teacher’s Guide filled with suggested lessons plans, vocabulary lists, song lyrics (in English and Spanish), and a list of even more resources.

In Sing and Learn Spanish, children learn about Los Animales (Animals); Del Jardín (From the Garden); Mi Casa (My House); ¿Qué Hacen? (What Do They Do?); ¿Qué Tiene tu Cuerpo? (What Does Your Body Have?); ¿Qué Buscas? (What Are You Looking For?); ¿Adónde Vas? (Where Are You Going?); and ¿Cuál Es? (Which is it?).

In Sing and Learn More Spanish, lessons include Recuerdan (Remember); ¿Cómo es tu Familia? (What is Your Family Like?); ¿Para qué ir a la Escuela? (Why Do We Go to School?); ¿Te Gusta la Naturaleza? (Do You Like Nature?); ¿Cómo Anda la Gente? (How Do People Get Around?); ¿Qué Quieres Ser? (What Do You Want to Be?); ¿ Quieres ir a la Ciudad? (Do You Want to Go to the City?); and Aprendimos (We Learned).

In Sing and Learn English, chapters include Animals, From the Garden, My House, What Do They Do? What Does Your Body Have?, What Are You Looking For?, Where Are You Going? Which is it? Toe-tapping music accompanies each segment and exposes little ears to different kinds of musical styles. Young learners can use Sing and Learn English to brush up on early reading skills.

Sing and Learn titles are appropriate for children ages three and older and have running times of approximately 27 minutes each. Each educational version in the series sells for $29.95, which includes PPR. For more information or to order DVDs, call 1-800-765-5885 or visit

This review was provided from Master Communications, Inc. They have provided me with a free DVD to review and information to share with my readers. I was given the product for my personal opinion and option to share with my readers. I was not compensated for my time or written review.

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