Monday, March 1, 2010

Fun pictures of the kiddos, updates...what is NEW!!

It has been way too long since I have posted a "personal" blog post. I am sorry about that, but has been busy around our house. I have been really enjoying my children, and time on the computer has been less these days. I know that I need to blog about my life, my kids, our experiences we go through, and I am going to really try to do that more. I know that I have friends and family that check my blog for updates, and I have been slacking. My kids change constantly, and I want to journal their lives on my site. So, here are some recent photos of my adorable children.
Caleb sometimes gets creative with his food. This is a picture of a spinach leaf dressed in black olives. Caleb is really growing lately, and I can't seem to feed him enough. He must be going through a growth spurt...or something. I will feed him (lots) and less than a hour later he is asking me about a snack. So, I just assume he is in a growing stage. Caleb has been talking a lot about God, Jesus, and Heaven lately. I love his curiosity and awe. He is so inquisitive and bright. Caleb's conversations are enlightening and he is really fun to converse with. He has some great thoughts and ideas, and he has an impressive memory! If we need to remember something, we tell Caleb because he will remind us.
He always keeps us laughing with the things he says, still. His favorite things to do currently is playdoh, reading books, doing arts, playing his Leapster and watching Shaun the Sheep videos.
Madelyn is almost two, and loves to follow Caleb around. She loves to copy him and keep up with what he is doing. She is a princess, girly-girl and is really enjoying her dolls, make-up (pretend), her purse, kitchen/dishes set and fingernail polish. She is really learning a lot and her vocabulary is daily expanding. She can count to twenty easily, and knows most of her colors and shapes. She amazes me with what she knows. Madelyn loves to be cuddled, held, and really craves to have her love tank filled with closeness. I could never get too many hugs, so I am totally loving that she craves that. Madelyn is a petite little girl. She currently weighs #25 pounds. She will have her 3 year check up next month.
Madelyn currently loves to play with her dolls, reading, coloring, playdoh, doodle pad, and anything Caleb is doing. She is consistently making comments on how she wants to be in gymnastics and be an ice skater. I really think that she would be good at those two sports because she is very flexible, small frame, and loves to dance. We shall see...
Nathaniel is currently back in the public school as a fifth grader. He LOVES his teacher, and she is amazing. She is a big believer in children learning, not just getting a good grade. If her students get problems wrong, she gives them a chance to correct their work for credit. I think that is a great teacher! She has said to me that Nathaniel is a delight to have in class. She loves how he is so polite and has such great conversational skills. She says that he brightens his day and makes it special. That makes me so proud as a Mom. I think Nathaniel is very thoughtful and has such a big heart. Nathaniel is at the point that his friends are really important to him, and he would love to spend a great portion of his time with his friends. I think Nathaniel is entering the puberty stage, because he is growing lots, has the "growing pains," and goes through spurts of eating/not eating much. He excels in his studies and he is doing super in school.
Currently Nathaniel loves to read (the bigger/challenging book, the better), trading pokemon cards, playing video games, and building with his Bionicles/Legos. Terry and him really enjoy double video gaming on the computers, too...playing Age of Empire.
Cole is a very happy, and very funny 1 year old. I am seeing so much similarities between Cole and Nathaniel, when Nathaniel was little. Cole loves to smile, and if he is is because he is really hurt (feelings or physically). Cole is practically running and he loves to climb up on EVERYTHING! I haven't had a climber yet until Cole, so he keeps me on my toes. One time I was in the bedroom putting the kid's clothes away and Cole was talking away. Soon I heard Cole yell out something and I look to see where he is. He was at the top of the ladder to the top bunk! It freaked me out! He loves to climb. So, if you come to our house and see all the dining room chairs away from the table, it is our defense to keep Cole off the table. :) Cole loves music and dancing. If there is music, Cole tries to sing, bobs his head and dances around. He finishes our phrases, like when I sing, "Happy Birthday," he says, "to YOU!" It is adorable. He can wave bye-bye, blows and gives kisses (mouth open), points to everything, says quite a few phrases, and loves to greet Dad when he gets home from work. He tries to keep up with Caleb and Madelyn, so I feel like my baby is growing up too quickly. I am wrapping up with nursing, so that is a change for him and I.
Caleb loves to pose and then he says, "Take a picture of me doing this!"
Caleb and Madelyn posing. Are they trying to be spiderman poses? Too bad Cole wasn't turned around for the picture.
Madelyn in her pose to mimic Caleb's. They are two peas in a pod.
Caleb just relaxing...
I really like this picture of Nathaniel. He is really changing lately...growing into manhood. He will be getting braces this year, sometime. At his last Orthodontist appointment he was told to get three teeth out. The Doctor said, "Be one with the wiggle." Nathaniel and I thought that was funny and clever. He achieved the goal, and now he is ready for the work to be done. (we aren't ready for the bill yet, though).
Cole consistently has a smile on his face. He can be a little shy when he meets someone for the first time, and he is more of a mama's boy right now. But with a little warming up, he loves to be with people...especially other kids.
I love this picture of my wonderful children. It is a challenge to get a picture of all the kids looking and smiling. I love that I am their mom, and that God specifically chose me to be their mom. I am so thankful for them!
Updates around our house:
I have been really behind with "milestones" for my sweet little guy. I missed his 9 month check was 10 1/2 months. I missed his 12 month check up, it was 13 months (he is #22) and I didn't have an actual birthday party for I have yet to post a ONE YEAR blog post for him. It is my priority this week. I tell you...I don't love him less or think he is less important, I just have been so busy with life. We did celebrate his birthday with my mother-in-law and our family up North, but timing around his birthday was crazy busy. We are planning on celebrating Madelyn and Cole's birthday together next month, though.
We have our house on the market and we are planning (hoping) on moving. We don't have concrete plans for when we move, but we would like to implement a camp ground business.
We have been going to a different church and we are totally loving it and growing in our relationship with God. God is totally at work in our lives and he is using this church in HUGE ways! Today, Terry and I renewed our vows, along with 100+ other couples. Our church did a wedding after one of the talks this weekend, and then the renewing of vows took place! It was awesome!! I will have to write more about it soon. I just want to say Thank You God!
Well, since it is after midnight I should get to bed. I am trying to get to bed on a decent time because I know it is healthier to get my rest.


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Grandma J said...

Thanks for the update!! The kids are really growing and doing some fun things these days. Great pics!!

Joyful Noise said...

Love the pictures...thanks for the has been a while since we've seen you. Hope to see you at LNO on friday.