Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy 1 Year Birthday Cole!

This blog posting was meant to be up a couple of months ago, since my baby turned one in January. It was not intentional that I posted this late, however, it is so important to me that I write about my baby's birth and celebrate his life! He is a miracle baby...with the toughest birth of my children. All children are a blessing and an amazing miracle created and formed by God! Thank you God for choosing me to be Cole's mother!! I am blessed beyond all...Happy (belated)Birthday to my sweet little baby boy!
Here is me (winter of 2008). Cole growing inside..."I knit you together in your mother's womb..."~God
January 2009...intense labor, by induction. Everything started at 6:00 Am and didn't end until almost midnight. My OB/Gyn Doctor is amazing! He was with me throughout the day, broke my water, and kept checking on me. After his shift, he stopped by to wish me well. He said he would stop back after his son's games (around 9 PM) and if I was still in labor, he would be with me. That is complete dedication! I really believe that God stirred in him to stick with me, because of all the complications I had with labor/delivery. I owe so much gratitude to Dr. S. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! One of my bestest friends, Randi, was with me as an assistant coach. She was with me for Caleb, Madelyn and Cole. She is an amazing, loyal, and dedicated friend! Thank you so much, Randi for all you have done, and all you are! I owe so much to you! Thanks for putting up with me, letting me bruise your arm, loving and supporting Terry and I and being my comfort in labor! I love you!!
Cole Matthew was born after over 2 hours of intense pushing, being turned around (inside) because he was face up, and face first...ouch!, and after so much pushing...he was vacuumed out. That was the hardest decision to make. I am not a promoter of the vac., but I felt like I didn't have much choice. I was worn out, ready to give up. I feared for my baby and for me.
Cole came out limp, and the cord was wrapped around his neck. I was so scared because I knew he was in grave danger. The nurses didn't say anything and my Doctor's face displayed serious concern. The nurses rushed him to the warmer and rubbed on him so hard and had a mask to his face. I kept asking if he was OK, and no one answered me. I was fully relieved to hear him cry after what seemed an eternity! He was OK. THANK YOU GOD!!
Cole had serious injury to his head from the delivery. He had an ultrasound to make sure everything was OK. He had a lot of fluid build up and the top of his head was like moving water in a water bed. I was so protective of his little head. Cole also had bad jaundice that needed monitoring, so we made several trips to the clinic for blood tests. They were concerned that the numbers weren't getting better...but eventually he made a turn for the better.
One of my best friends took this photo when Cole was a week old. Jennifer is an amazing photographer, and I highly recommend her if you need a photographer! She takes the pictures of the moment...check out her site: JR Photography (currently it may be under construction).
He is so cute!!
Here is Cole with his little cousin, Isaiah, who is 10 days younger than him. I love that the two of them are so close in age! It is fun for me and my sister-in-law, too.

Here is Isaiah and Cole last summer. I believe that they were both about 6-7 months old.
I think that he is about 4 or 5 months old in this photo. I know, I should write things down to keep track.
Cole loves to eat, and he loves to feed himself.
Praise the Lord...even if it is with spaghetti all over your face!
My kids love to dress up, and surprisingly Cole keeps hats on (for the most part). This was taken on Halloween 2009.
Cole crawled early, walked early, and seems to do everything early. I think he feels he needs to keep up with Caleb and Madelyn. It is exciting to see him go through all his amazing milestones, but he is my baby...and it is all happening to early (for me).
Cole has a new "pocket." Every time he gets a chance to hook his hand here, he does. It has to be a male-thing. It is funny, though.
Cole is so happy, and good natured. Lately we are noticing that he is determined, too. He loves to be independent: opening doors, digging in the cd's, turning buttons on/off, climbing up on to EVERYTHING (even Caleb's ladder to the top bunk bed), throwing things in the garbage or off the tray of his high chair, and anything else he can get into. It is amazing to me how much a one year old knows. He knows exactly what I don't want him to dig in, and makes it his top priority to do it. I love seeing his mind work through his actions and verbal usage. He really is talking a lot! He says: Mama, Daddy, Thaniel (Nathaniel), hode ju (hold you), Uhv you (love you), and a few more. He also knows what I am talking about most of the time, too.
Cole loves to dance, and any chance music comes on or he hears singing, he is bobbing his head and dancing. He also loves to hug and kiss. He finds most anything to be funny and loves to imitate people that he thinks are funny. Cole loves to keep up with his siblings, and he really enjoys playing with them. Madelyn loves to give Cole a push to make sure he knows she is older than him, but Cole knows which buttons make Madelyn's temper rise. Ahhh, sibling love.
My children are such a blessing and I am so very grateful to God! Cole is a wonderful addition to our family, and we are so blessed by his life. Happy Birthday to my little Cole. May God give you abundant joy and may you serve him with your whole life.


Grandma J said...

I started a post for Molly in January! I never finished it. I should do that, but I'll pre-date it so it looked like I did it on her birthday when she looks back. ;) Your little boy sure it growing up!

Joyful Noise said...

I can't believe he is a year already - where does time go?

TopazTook said...

Sometimes time goes by too fast. Sounds like he is at a (mostly) fun stage. (Most kids seem to have to have some orneriness, too!)

Anonymous said...

It was fun to read! Great pics, we will have to get the kids together to update the cousins' pics!


Alicia @ refinedisaiah648.blogspot.com said...

This is so precious Sarah! I loved reading it!

Happy Belated Birthday cutie Cole!!

Love the "pocket!!!" haha!