Sunday, October 4, 2009

Umi shoes ~ great styles!

I love the adorable shoes that Umi carries! Madelyn got a pair of Fancie boots to wear this fall. She looks so cute in them, and she loves to model them. I love how they look on her feet, and I think the quality of the Umi shoes are superb! Leather shoes, made with top notch leather, and made to fit! I have to say that Pink and Brown colors go great together, too!

When I ask Madelyn to get her shoes when we are heading out of the house, her Umi Fancie boots are her first choice. She can put on her own boots, and she keeps them on (most of the time).
Cole, my little (almost 9 month old) baby is an active crawler. He loves to be on the go, constantly. So many times shoes that are on crawlers tend to get scuffed up on the toe from all the rubbing on the floor/ground. Those little babies use their toes to pull themselves up, too. Well, Umi shoes are designed with the crawler in mind. Cole got a pair of Possom baby shoes to try out. Cole looks adorable in these shoes, they keep his feet warmer, and he can move just as quick in the Umi shoes. I really like the toe on the baby shoes from Umi. Yes, they may not look like the traditional baby shoe, but I can attest that these shoes are superior for crawlers.
Umi Possom shoes are made with high quality leather, gripper rubber pieces on the bottom, easy Velcro, and made with room for those baby feet to grow!
I also received a pair of shoes for Caleb to try out. I ordered the Igor in the chocolate-amber color selection. I really like that the Umi shoes are available in several different designs, as well as different color options. I think with a variety of options, you can be sure to find what you are looking for. Kids like options, and they like different colors. Anyway, Caleb loves his shoes, and he says he runs faster in them. I think they look great on his feet, too! The Igor shoes are made similar to hiking boots, and I believe that these shoes will last a long time with his busy feet.
Umi shoes are available for baby, girls and boys. The size selection is in European sizes, but there is a size table that you can pop open to see what you would need for your child/baby. You can either chose to measure your child's foot, or base your selection on current shoe size. The price range for the shoes found at Umi are between $30-$115. You can check out where the Umi shoes are sold in a location near you.
I give Umi two thumbs up, and I highly recommend these shoes!
This review was sponsored from Umi Shoes. They have supplied me with product to review and keep for my personal opinion and option to share with my readers. I was not compensated for my time or written review.

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