Thursday, October 29, 2009

If the World Were a Village (DVD review)

Do you want to watch a video that really puts things into perspective, and helps you realize how
fortunate you really are? My kids and I had the privilege to review "If the World Were a Village," and we were amazed, and saddened by different statistics. This DVD is about populations, and if the world was just 100 people...these are what the categories/numbers would be for each lifestyle, religion, fed, animals, etc.
Being a home educator, I was highly impressed with this DVD. It is made for children, and really helps them see the world more simplified. Here are some of the statistics that we got from the video:
If the world were a village of 100 people:
32 would be Christian, 1 of 13 would be Hindu, 12 follow folk religions, 6 follow Buddah, 1 is Jewish and 15 don't practice anything. Money is an important thing. If the funds were divided equally, people would live comfortably. However, 60 people make middle wages, most people do what they can to make ends meet, and the poorest make barely enough to survive! 24 of 100 people always have enough to eat, 16 go hungry sometimes, and 34 people are always hungry! That is just sad and devastating. This video makes us (our family) want to go help people. I think that is what the goal of this video encourage people to help one another and help take care of each other. My kids were shown that life in other parts of the world is very different from their own. I think this video was made very well, and I recommend it for families, especially those who home educate, or are educators.
If the World Were a Village was released on September 8th from Master Communications, Inc.
The DVD is approximately 25 minutes and is available in English, Spanish or French for $29.95 each, which includes PPR. A disc containing all three languages is also available for $59.95, which includes PPR. To order call 1-800-765-5885 or visit
You can also purchase this video or a book version at
This review was sponsored by They have supplied me with a free DVD to keep for my personal opinion and option to share with my readers. I was not compensated for my time or written review.

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