Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Healthy Eating Right!

My kids are usually pretty healthy eaters, but I highly believe that it really depends on what options you give your kids to what they will have. I have even known that with trying to lose weight. If I have the "junk food" available in my home, and I bought it, I WILL eat it. So, if we pack our kids healthy lunches for school, picnic, field trips...etc., they will eat the options before them (hopefully).
Safeway and Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes have teamed up to create Eating Right Kids. They have designed a program that parents can feel good about and that kids will love. Eating Right Kids is a full line of foods that taste great and are better for our kids nutrition. The line has been formulated to standards based on the most recent dietary recommendations and regulations from several federal and state agencies.
Being a Team Mom member, I was sent a sample selection from the Eating Right Kids. I got a thermal lunch bag (with Bugs Bunny on the front) and a selection of food items inside the bag. I think that the chewy bar was tasty, and I liked that the apple juice was 100% vitamin C and no corn syrup in it! I think it is a super idea to put fruits and vegetables in our children's lunches. One thing I usually do, is put a handful of baby carrots in a container or bag, and a banana. My kids love having a box of raisins and a container of sliced strawberries, too. It is fun to get creative with healthy options, too. One classic is to have a celery stick filled with peanut butter. Trail a line of raisins down the row of peanut butter, and you have "ants on a log." Kids get a vegetable (celery), protein with the peanut butter, and a fruit (raisins).
I think the Eating Right Kids is a super program. I thought that the site had great things to offer, suggestions, and options for purchase. Keeping our kids healthy is so important, and it really helps their growth and development.

This review was sponsored from Team Mom and Safeway foods. They have supplied me with product to review and keep for my personal opinion and option to share with my readers. I was not compensated for my time or written review.

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