Friday, October 16, 2009

CSN stores has a lot to offer

I just got a bunk bed this summer for our kids, because space is limited, and bunk beds are fun for kids. I was checking out the many options for bunk beds on the CSN website, and one that I think is really fun is the Doll House loft bed! What a fun bed for a little girl!! I also thought that the Full low loft bunk bed looks great! I think my kids would play in their room all day if I had one of these bunk beds in their rooms!

I am going to be doing a review for CSN stores coming up. Looking over their toy line, I had a hard time choosing an item to review. I requested a 48 piece Microscope because I think it would be great to use this with home schooling, and Nathaniel has wanted one. I think he will be thrilled to experiment with it. I think that the microscope is reasonably priced, too. I hope that the quality is great! I am anxious to try it out with Nathaniel.

Check out CSN stores, because they have everything from furniture to school/office supply.

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