Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MythBusters Science Kits~ Great for home school experiments!

As a child, and even as an adult, I love hands-on projects. Ones that get you so involved you can't help but learn~ and retain it! Being a home schooling mom, I really enjoy finding or being introduced to new, fun and exciting programs that help my kids learn and enjoy doing it! I was sent the Elmer's all-new MythBusters Weird World of Water kit to review!

We have watched the show of MythBusters on the Discovery Channel, when we had cable, and we enjoyed the crazy, bizarre, interesting...etc. stunts/experiments/etc., that Jamie and Adam, the two hosts, perform. Very entertaining, and educational.
Nathaniel had a great time "experimenting" with the MythBusters Weird World of Water Kit! The kit came with all the items necessary to complete the experiments. Included in the kit was: 2 soda bottles with lids, 3 pieces of Balsa wood, clear cylinder, clear straw, clear tube, fin holder, funnel, 15 beads, glitter, nose cone, pipette, food coloring, stopper assembly, vortex connector, and an activity guide book.
Nathaniel loved the "hurricane effect" when he shook up the bottles to create a funnel (tornado). Madelyn (little sister) really thought it was neat, too. I really like the MythBusters kits, especially with home schooling. I think these are great kits to really engage the student, and help them learn by doing hands-on experiments. Kids can write down their studies, and their conclusions. The kids can get a cause and effect with these experiments.
Nathaniel likes the Weird World of Water kit, too. Here are the experiments you can do with this kit: myth of the pantry projectile (do this one outdoors), myth of the deadly vortex, and myth of the man who could walk on water. I like that there is room in the activity guide for kids to write their notes and conclusions down.
For ages 8 and up, the Weird World of Water science activity kit is available nationwide at Toys "R" Us, Target and Walmart. The SRP is $19.99. This great product has just received the FamilyFun Magazine 2009 T.O.Y. award, too!

This review was sponsored by Team Mom and Elmers.com. They have supplied me with a free product to keep for my personal opinion and option to share with my readers. I was not compensated for my time or written review.

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