Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sleepy Bear from Sleepy Wrap

I love the Sleepy Wrap for "wearing" my babies! I have found it to be the most comfortable wrap for me and my babies while I carry them around! Baby wearing is such a great way to not only provide comfort and protection to your babies and children, it is a great way to free up your hands for other tasks. I fully agree that babies are a lot happier when they are close to their parents after birth, so when you carry them in a wrap/sling/pouch, they are way more content. Sleepy Wrap carries one of the best wraps, in my opinion. Their fabric is stretchy, and fits most all body shapes. The colors that they offer for their wraps are multi-colored, so moms and dads can both feel comfortable wearing them. I love that I can wear my babies in the Sleepy Wrap, have a happy/content baby, and "save" my back from pains with the distribution of weight with the wrap. Well, Sleepy Wrap /NAP, Inc. recently introduced The Sleepy Bear, their very first stuffed toy to help promote baby wearing. I love this new little addition, and so do my children:
Madelyn loves the little Sleepy Bear. This adorable, cream-colored and 100% organic-filled bear is so soft and cuddly. The bear is wearing an Organic Khaki Sleepy Wrap and is baby wearing the baby bear. You can get the same Organic Khaki Sleepy Wrap from the Sleepy Wrap website for your baby wearing, too. It is an adorable stuffed animal, and I love that it promotes baby wearing. The Sleepy Bear is the first stuffed toy to promote babywearing! Plus, I love that this bear is safe with material it is made and filled with. I don't have to worry about my youngest getting his hands on a choking hazard while playing with the Sleepy Bear either, because it isn't made with any buttons or snaps. The Sleepy Bear's eyes, nose, and mouth are all stitched on so that my baby's little hands won’t have anything to pull off. That is reassuring!
Madelyn gives lots of kisses and hugs to her new bear. She loves the little baby inside the wrap, too. I wore Madelyn in many pouches/wraps/slings and loved "wearing" her! The Sleepy Wrap is our favorite wrap, especially for a long day at the zoo. She loves being held, cuddled and carried, so she is a big-time promoter of baby wearing, too!
The Sleepy Bear has found a good home here. I highly recommend this adorable and cuddly bear! Our children can see the baby wearing idea, and know that it is a great thing! Plus, they can see that their Sleepy Bear loves to wear it's baby, too!
These adorable, baby wearing, stuffed animals are only available from these retailers for a SRP of $29.95:
Tadpoles & Butterflies
Sherwood Park, Alberta CANADA
1.888.312.6554 S
Supermommy’s Superstore
2411 Ring Road, Suite 105
Elizabethtown, KY
Sweet Infant
1007 S. Country Club Rd.
Lovington, NM
Nurtured Family
8525 Jackrabbit Rd., Suite B
Houston, TX
Heavenly Hold
510 Briarfield Crossing
Marietta, GA
Baby Carriers-n-More
265 W Cimmarron Way
Erda, UT
Attached to Baby
Seattle, WA
Thanks to Parent Reviewers, I was given a Sleepy Bear to review for my article.

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