Thursday, August 20, 2009

K9 Cuisine! All around, Super!

My dog, Lena (half Pug, half Japanese Chin) loves to play. She is a very smart dog, and knows her toys by name. Seriously, we tell her to go get _(name of pet)_ and she will go find it. It is quite comical, and she really enjoys playing with her toys.
Lena got a new toy to try out from K9 Cuisine. This toy is a 22 inch plush caterpillar. This caterpillar is very big, even longer/bigger than Lena! The plush toy is very colorful and has two noise-makers on each end: duck call and squeaker. The caterpillar jingles and has ropes for legs. I think this toy is made very well, and I don't plan any "surgeries" in my future. (I have had to operate/sew up Lena's toys in the past due to injury from extended playtime).
We have named Lena's new toy Pillar, and she loves it! She loves chasing after it as we throw it down the steps to the family room. She runs down there, and carries her Pillar back up stairs. I am surprised that she can carry this big toy, and can manage to somewhat keep it away from us.
Lena is very happy with her new toy, and we applaud K9 Cuisine for having such a super toy for dogs! Lena will get many, MANY hours of playtime with her new pal.
We also received dog food for our dog to review. I can't rave enough about K9 Cuisine's dog food! Lena eats the food as if it tasted like candy. She anxiously waits by her dish each day to get more. What I love most about K9 Cuisine's premium dog food is that it is made with natural foods, and not fillers or chemicals. K9 Cuisine cares about what our pets eat, and I appreciate that my dog gets the best with their products! It is a special bonus that Lena loves their food, too. She leads me to believe she is starving...because she eats the food so quickly.
I got a K9 scoop for the dog food, and that was a fun surprise, too! No more using Lena's dish, or my hands to feed her. Included in my order was a sample of the Legacy Dog food, and Lena loved that treat, too!
I also ordered the Lavender - Deodorizing Spritz and the Lavender and Mint Buddy Wash Pet Shampoo. The shampoo was wonderful~cleaned Lena very well and smelled great, too! The ingredients in the shampoo were easy to read: harsh chemicals in that either! I felt like the shampoo was good enough for me to use (if I want to). I tried the Deodorizing Spritz on Lena, and she wasn't too fond of it. I think she felt a little threatened by it, or like she was in trouble for something. I think the spritz smells great, though, and I use it on her bed pillow.
K9 Cuisine offers many products for Dogs and Cats! You can find grooming products, food for cats and dogs, toys, supplements, travel supplies, stain/odor control and more! Check it out!
Thanks to Family Review Network, I was able to be apart of the review for K9 Cuisine! I am a big-time fan of their products and I HIGHLY recommend them to you!! Thank you K9 Cuisine for caring so much for our pets to offer only the best for them!
For the month of August ONLY~~
K9 Cuisine and Nature’s Instinct are giving away one free bag of Nature’s Instinct Organic dog food, if you use the code Instinct-e-0709…What a great deal~ YOUR DOG WILL LOVE YOU MORE!!

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That looks like a great toy! It's fun to see pictures of Lena too!! :)