Wednesday, September 5, 2007

*Update on my toe*

On Friday, I went in to the clinic to see about my toe. The doctor gave me two options, I can either wait it out, and let it "fall off," or I can have it removed. I didn't really ponder the two options, since removing it would mean less chance for infection and quicker healing time. So, I laid on the surgery table while the Doc inserted the LONG needle filled with Novocaine. OWIEEEEE! That hurts! He stuck in in the lower part of my toe on one side, then he had to move the needle back and forth (while it was still stuck in my toe) to get the Novocaine working. After about 5 minutes that side, then he took another needle, and did the inside of my toe, OUCH! That really hurts! I contemplated if labor would be nicer to me at this point...hmmm...
Well, once it started working, I felt like my toe was a hard ball at the end of my foot. After all that pain with the needles, he just barely pulled and off came my nail. He mentioned that I did a pretty good job removing most of it myself. Should I be proud about this comment, or what? :) Well, it is on the road to healing now. I am not sure if I will ever get a nail back...the wait begins.

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