Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Past weekend of camping; etc.

We took our kids camping this weekend and it really didn't go that great. Terry asks me why we do camping when the kids are little. We came to the conclusion that we will probably just go to our destinations and do the motel thing while they are little. I think that is an easier way...even as much as I love to camp.
We did have a pop-up camper loaned to us for the trip, and I was thankful for that. It really doesn't get away from the feeling of sleeping on rocks, though, so if we ever owned one, I would supplement an air mattress. Terry and Caleb had fun cranking up the camper together, and that is the only picture I have from our whole trip! Oh well, can't win them all. Here are some things that started the camping excursion off to a bad start:

*Terry and I were snippy with each other, and I am still not sure why...

*I was trying to get Caleb to take a very much needed nap, and so he was super crabby...

*Caleb wouldn't let anyone help him with anything...he wanted Grandma (I love you C, but it was very frustrating)

*Maddie fell off the picnic table out of her car seat...It wasn't where I kept her, and I know that it was an accident, but it was awful! I was crying horribly and shaking like a bobble around toy!

*Caleb wouldn't take a nap for nothing!

*Caleb fell off the bed...

*Someone was very negative, and it is hard to shake once in the know?

*I was very emotional after all that, so I wasn't myself

Fortunately, after all this drama, we did have some fun. My brother- in- law and family came to the site, and it was great to see all of them. Caleb did FINALLY take a nap with Grandma's help. And...We had a great laugh that night!

Nathaniel loves to hunt for frogs, toads, salamanders, and anything that creeps the ground. Well, he had collected quite a few toads that day and had them in his habitat. He had them in his tent (he was going to sleep in his own tent, which is a small 1 person tent). Well, after he came back from the bathrooms, he went into his tent. Terry and I were in the camper right next to the tent, when all of a sudden we hear, "Oh Great!" Terry and I said, "What?" To which Nathaniel replied, "All of my toads got out and they are all over the place!" Well, we couldn't contain our giggles...and we told him to pick them all up, and put them back in the habitat. After a few minutes he said, "They got out again!" Terry then told him to let them all out. Then Nathaniel said, "Well, I am not sleeping in here." We asked him why, and he said, "Because, I am sure they peed all over my sleeping bag!" That just brought more giggles, as you can imagine. So, he brought his pillow in the camper and settled in on the bed. After a few minutes, he said, "Oh great! Another toad, and it's in my pillowcase!" This was so hilarious! It is really something you only see in a movie or on the Little Rascals! It was a hoot!
Earlier that evening, Maddie initiated playing peek-a-boo, too, and it was so cute! She was sitting on the bed and she put her head down to her feet and came back up. I said peek-a-boo, and she smiled and went back down. She did this over and over. It was precious! Then, that night after all the toad fiasco's she played peek-a-boo with Nathaniel again! Cutie!

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Jeannie said...

I was going to ask you how your camping trip went when I talked to you yesterday. I'm glad you got a few laughs anyway...camping with little ones can be more work than it's worth.

Christian was "pretty good" on our trip, but he's almost 3 now.