Monday, September 17, 2007

Kids are funny

Yesterday, I asked Caleb a question. He wasn't looking at me, and he didn't acknowledge me, so I asked the question again. He said, "I'm thinking."

I was nursing Madelyn on the couch today. Looking over at Caleb...guess what my little toddler boy was doing? He had his stuffed kitty to his chest and says, "Do you want to nurse?"

Caleb didn't want to go to bed tonight. He fought and fought. Well, during one of the yelling for Dad episodes, Terry opened the door and got after him. Terry took his "pack-pack" (back pack) and set it aside. Then Terry left the room. A few minutes later Caleb was yelling for Dad again. Terry walked in the room, and Caleb said, "That wasn't very nice, Dad." Terry asked him what wasn't nice. Caleb said, "That wasn't nice to take my pack-pack." **He is so cleaver.**

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penguinsandladybugs said...

I have a Caleb, too....but he is 12 now :) I love little ones, they are so fun!!