Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Infantino EcoSash carrier

Baby wearing is such a great way to keep my infant-toddler close by when then want to be near me...and yet, I can have my hands free for other things. I am so thankful that my child rearing days is spent with baby wearing time. I wish I had known of baby wearing when my oldest was a little one. I know baby wearing is not a new thing, it is just a newer trend to me. Being an Infantino Test Drive mom, through a test drive panel with Mom Central, I was sent an Infantino EcoSash Carrier, a Wrap & Tie Carrier. I love it!
This is one of the most comfortable baby carrier, and I loved how easy it was to put on myself! The material is very soft, the padding is nice and thick, and the carrier is fitting for many sizes. I love how this carrier has a detachable hood, to cover your baby's head (to protect their head). I love that I can cover my child's head, but I also love that I can remove this if I don't want to use it. Very nice!
The instructions on how to put the carrier on are sewn on the inside panel, on the shoulder straps and on the waist band. I think this carrier is very user friendly, and the instruction manual has an even more in depth description on how to put the carrier on and wear your baby in different positions.I love the design on the EcoSash Carrier from Infantino. The pattern is gender neutral, and it blends well with many colors.
The EcoSash is easy to put on, and with the helpful instruction in the manual, I can put my kids in several positions. I prefer my kids facing in toward me the best, but it is so nice to have options.
The backpack position is great for the toddler ages, or baby's who can hold their head up without support. What is nice about putting the EcoSash on with this position, you little one sits on a chair or couch while you are getting ready, and then you can easily have your little one in the right position to put the carrier on your back.
Madelyn is my little one who loved the baby wearing the most, and she still loves to be held a lot. I am so thankful that the EcoSash works for her, and that by using it, I have less strain on my back, hips and legs.
My kids love being so close, held, and comforted by being in the EcoSash. I highly recommend this great product from Infantino! I think this infant carrier is great for the new mom- the preschool years. I love that this carrier is great for a few of my kids presently, and will be ready for any others we may have.
My kids give the EcoSash carrier two thumbs up! The EcoSash Carrier will be available at Babies R US. Babies R Us will offer $10-off the EcoSash and Balance carriers from August 11-September 21st.
Great Deal!!
Check out the Infantino blog for more information about their products. Check out Infantino in these other locations: Facebook , YouTube and Twitter.

I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as part of my participation.


Qtpies7 said...

Very cool! That is one of the things I am looking forward to with this coming baby. I miss wearing my babies.

taralynn819 said...


I found your blog after Googling "Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumperoo". I've been looking to buy a used exersaucer for my 5 month old on Craigslist and a woman responded and said she has this jumperoo. I didn't know anything about it but now thanks to the review on your blog I do! :) She's selling it for $40 so I'm thinking I might just take up her offer.

We'd been borrowing an exersaucer from a friend but have to return it now but it's too bad because he LOVES it. So I'm trying to find something to replace it.

Glad to have found your blog because I am a believer as well and I'm from Minnesota! Grew up in St. Louis Park, went to Bible college in Owatonna, and have lived for short stints in Edina and Watertown. I now live in West Virginia with my husband but am going to MN next month to visit family and show off the babe. Fall is the best time to experience MN that is for sure!

Anyway, just thought I'd drop a line, gonna bookmark your blog. I'm always in the market for kid products - ha!

taralynn819 said...

btw, I love wearing my son. I have a Kozy Carrier mei tai, a Hotsling, and a Moby wrap. I like the Moby the best but hadn't used it much till recently because it was too hot for summer.