Friday, September 4, 2009

Suave Beach Beauty

This summer, I was asked to review some Suave Products and check out some tips from George Kotsiopoulos(Celebrity Stylist to celebrity moms Courtney Cox Arquette and Heidi Klum). We all know, as busy moms...frazzled, hurried, and lack of time, how we can feel not very pretty or glamorous. Especially when summer is here, and we are dealing with hot, humid air, and our kids are sticking to us like glue. Well, Suave Professionals products are a great way to get quality salon flare, at a fraction of the cost! I got these products to review for Suave for my personal review and opinion:
· Suave Professionals Sleek Anti-Frizz Cream
· Suave Professionals Damage Care Shampoo and Conditioner
· Suave Kids Free and Gentle 2 in 1 Shampoo
I really like the Suave hair care products. I like the smell and the way my hair feels when I use them. I think my hair is softer, and shiner after using Suave Professionals. My kids love the smell of the Strawberry Shampoo from Suave! I love the thickness of the shampoo, and how well it lathers up in their hair.

Here are some tips that George would like all moms to know for those hot summer days:
(maybe you have a trip planned for those southern states this winter?)
**To flaunt this summer’s ethnic-inspired fashions, mom can steer clear of pricey department stores and instead do some strolling in the ethnic pockets of her city (think Chinatown and Indiatown). Mom will be sure to turn heads in amazing imports (that she found at great prices!) such as saris, embellished ballet flats and bangles.
**Swimsuit, sandals and sunglasses are the essentials mom needs for a hot day at the beach. She can look for swimsuit separates (rather than sets) to ensure the best fit tailored to her body. For sandals, mom can turn to affordable, rubber flip-flops for her and the family or do some online, comparison shopping to find designer sandal steals. To finish the look, every mom needs a pair of high-style yet low-priced sunglasses in a fun color or classic shape (think Ray-Ban® aviators and “cat eyes”) to add a touch of glam.
**This summer, mom can pass on purchasing a designer tote and instead revive and update her beach bag from last season! Mom can have last year’s sand and surf stains removed from her tote by dropping it off at a local shoe repair shop for a good cleaning. She can then source vintage consignment shops for a one-of-a-kind scarf to tie on her tote’s handle for an instant update.
**When it comes to clothes, keeping up with little ones’ growth spurts can be an expensive endeavor! Instead of purchasing a whole new summer wardrobe, mom can give kids’ clothes a chop to extend their use. Children especially outgrow the length of pants quickly, but a pair of shears (or a trip to the tailor for a more finished look) is a great way to keep khakis and jeans around just a bit longer.
**Although mom might be tempted to stay cool during the summer in a pair of shorts and tee shirt, she can dress it up a notch by opting for easy, breezy dresses that will keep her looking polished and prevent overheating. Choosing shapeless, short shifts is a great way to show off gams and empire styles are a trendy option perfect for hiding the sins of winter (hey, after all the work she put in, mom deserved those holiday treats!).
**Mom can help her hubby lighten up this summer by trading in his heavy denim jeans for a pair of summer trousers in lightweight cotton. Mom can also swap out his heavy leather belt for a super affordable colorful canvas one that can be purchased at a local army/navy surplus store.

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